Learn 3 easy ways to update your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive Learn 3 easy ways to update your skin care routine - Garnier SkinActive

3 easy ways to update your skin care routine

Even the best skin care routines can use an update every now and then. After all, there are always new products and techniques coming out, and some of them are worth trying. We’ve identified three simple ways to freshen up your skin regimen — give these tips a go.

1. Cleanse with Micellar Water or Charcoal Cleansers

There are two products on the market that you should try. One is micellar water, a no-rinse cleansing water filled with micelles. The micelles contain lipid particles suspended in water. The particles have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic qualities which attract makeup (including long wear foundations and waterproof mascara), dirt, sweat, and excess oil. To use, simply pour the micellar water onto a cotton pad, press gently over your skin for a couple of seconds to activate the micelles, and wipe your skin being mindful not to tug at skin, until the cotton pad has no traces of makeup, dirt, etc. Typically it takes 3-4 cotton pads to completely cleanse your face. Try Garnier SkinActive’s Micellar Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser, which also comes in a waterproof version.

Another great way to cleanse is with charcoal cleansers —dirt and impurities attach to the charcoal like a magnet and helps remove surface impurities to reveal clean, refreshed skin. It’s ideal for oily and combination skin. Intrigued? Try Garnier SkinActive’s Clean + Pore Purifying 2-in-1 Clay Cleanser and Mask which contains this ingredient as well as salicylic acid to help deep clean your pores and skin.

2. Start Using BB Cream

If you haven’t tried BB cream yet, you should! It’s an incredibly easy way to perfect your complexion in a short amount of time. BB creams can make your complexion look more even toned and conceal blemishes, in addition to a multitude of other skin benefits including - renewing, hydrating, smoothing, brightening and protecting your skin with SPF. You can use BB cream on its own or use it as a base, then cover any blemishes that are still visible with concealer or foundation. BB cream is a quick and easy way to get glowing skin.

3. Step Up Your SPF

You need to be using SPF every single day, rain or shine. If you’ve only been using SPF 10 or lower change that this year by purchasing a higher SPF. You wear at least SPF 15 or higher, especially if you’re exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Also ensure that you apply the proper quantity – you should be using a quarter’s worth of SPF or SPF moisturizer on your face, chest and hands to prevent premature aging, dark spots, and skin sagging.

With just three products you can improve your skin care routine and have perfect skin this year.