Garnier Hair Color Example Long Blue Hair Garnier Hair Color Example Long Blue Hair

14 tonos de coloración azul

El cabello azul ha dejado atrás sus raíces punk para convertirse en una de las tendencias más vanguardistas y (¿nos atrevemos a decirlo?) populares para expresar la personalidad a través del color del cabello. Desde los tonos azul frío hasta la coloración azul denim, pasando por la sutileza del negro azulado oscuro, hay un tono azul para cada estación, estilo y estado de ánimo. Presentamos nuestros tonos favoritos de azul para inspirar la próxima transformación del color de tu cabello.

Ice Blue Hair Color

A frosty blue hair shade is perfect to make winter a little more fun or brighten up your summer. Whether it’s on silver-blonde hair or blended into darker roots, ice blue hair is a chic way to cool down your hair color.

Light Blue Hair Color

A gentle, sky-blue hair shade keeps your look soft — but still celebratory — with a pop of color. Best on anyone with a fair complexion, complement this hairstyle with peachy blushes and the shimmering makeup a hair color this fun deserves.

Pastel Blue Hair Color

Pastel blue hair color layers beautiful over platinum hair or light blonde hair for a subtler version of this trendy hair look. To up the drama, pair with a winged cat eye, a red lip, or embrace your inner rock star and try both.

Holographic Hair Color

Genius hair colorists have turned the rainbow light reflects of purple and blue into a trending hair color shade. Choose your favorite shades of light blue, purple and even pink hair color and highlight hair with all the colors of a CD reflecting in the light. This hair color choice will turn you into a unicorn. Dress up your unicorn hair with glitter or down with nude beauty shades.

Turquoise Hair Color

Reflect the depths of crystal Caribbean ocean waters right in your hair color (and maybe turn your life into a permanent vacation.) A bold, highly pigmented turquoise hair color shade will work on all skin tones, especially when complemented with warm gold makeup tones and jewelry.

Mermaid Blue Hair Color

A vibrant, bright blue, the joyful mermaid hair color can be styled as one aqua tone or a mix of aqua, turquoise and light blue hair color shades. Bonus: Mermaid makeup is making a serious comeback, so you’ll be able to match your hair color shade perfectly to an eyeshadow palette — or at least stock up on mermaid themed makeup brushes.

Denim Hair Color

Trend-forward denim hair color is like your favorite pair of jeans: instantly appealing, warm and comfy. This hair color shade is on the lighter side like a color of much-washed denim. Try it as a blue ombre as an all-over blue hair color in a chic, short bob hairstyle. The best part? It naturally matches with one of the best items in your closet.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color DN1 - Light Cool Denim

Navy Blue Hair Color

Celebrities and social media stars are loving this deep-blue hair color shade. Whether you add blue to your dark natural hair tones or lighten hair to achieve this look, it’s a classic blue hair color shade that will turn heads from one angle and look brown or black from another. Navy blue hair works well on anyone with a warm and dark complexion.

Dark Blue Hair Color

A midnight blue hair color shade is the perfect way to add a creative twist to dark hair. A dark blue hair shade is a blue color so rich that it has touches of black and purple. Avoid black clothes if you choose a dark blue hair color shade, and keep your look bright with yellows and metallic-hued clothes.

Indigo Hair Color

This rich, intense blue hair color is like a darker version of the denim trend; indigo evokes a pair of fresh new jeans. The deep hair color shade works on all skin tones, especially when paired with a bold brow and black eyeliner.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color IN1 - Dark Intense Indigo

Teal Hair Color

This magical blend of blue and green hair color shades will up even the boldest hair color to the next level. Choose teal if you want blue hair color that will turn heads and brighten your outlook. It complements anyone with a dark natural hair shade.

Electric Blue Hair Color

Neon hair colors are sweeping every fashion magazine, and there’s no more vivid hair color than electric blue. Especially striking on pale skin tones, this hairstyle works well for anyone who loves to stand out. Amp the look up to 10 with a complementary fuchsia pink or statement neon purple lip.

Blue Black Hair Color

Add a subtle blue to your look with a natural blue hair color that blends seamlessly into a soft blue hair color shade. Blue in some light, black in others, this hair color can often even be office-friendly.

Reflective Jet Blue Black Hair Color

A reflective blue black hair color shade transforms hair color into deep black with shiny hints of blue. Choose this rich and subtle shade especially if you have natural brown or black hair color, then bring out the blue tones by adding cool colors into your wardrobe.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color BL11 - Reflective Jet Blue Black

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