Nude Hair, New Look: Here's Why the Latest Hair Color Trend Is Here to Stay Nude Hair, New Look: Here's Why the Latest Hair Color Trend Is Here to Stay

Cabello desnudo, el nuevo look: por qué la última tendencia de coloración está aquí para quedarse

Puede que estés familiarizada con el equilibrio de tonos cálidos y fríos que arrasaron con las pasarelas de Nueva York, las calles de Hollywood e incluso tus redes sociales. Las tendencias recientes de coloración del cabello, inspiradas en la cosmética desnuda, produjeron tonos que parecen imitar la firma cromática del cabello natural. Si te preguntas en qué consiste el color de cabello desnudo, aquí tienes una guía para ponerte al día sobre la última tendencia en coloración.

¿Por qué el furor por la coloración nude para el cabello?

Before you get in on the nude hair color trend, you need to know what the shade looks like. Nude hair color offers a consistent neutral balance that mimics and reflects uncolored hair. Nude gives a harmonious balance between natural and ash tones. This soft hue's popularity can be linked to its easy-to-match shade that can transition between seasons. There are several shades of nude colors, and that's why you can expect this hair color trend to stay.

Nude Hair vs. Nude Cosmetics

Nude cosmetics, such as eye shadow, lipsticks and nail polishes, have infiltrated the beauty world with praise, and it's understandable why. Nudes are easy to match with your wardrobe and skin tone because of their neutral tone.

This trend even extends to clothing, as fashion and beauty often intersect. Monotone dressing has been seen in Hollywood in recent years, from red carpets to casual brunches. Now, nude color trends have extended into hair color with hair dyes that often complement your skin tone and offer full gray coverage1. So, it's not surprising to see one trend jump across fashion and beauty.

Natural Trend vs. Nude Hair Color Trend

While you may assume natural hair colors, such as a medium natural brown, are considered nude hair colors, there's actually a difference. Natural hair dyes tend to reveal a bit of warmth. Nude hair dyes, however, create a delicate balance between warm and cool revealing a neutral eye-catching look.

Embrace the Nude Hair Color Trend With Nourishing Products

You want to make sure you use products formulated with nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair shiny and hydrated so your hair can go from standard to stunning2.

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