Learn how to fix your oily skin in 5 minutes - Garnier SkinActive Learn how to fix your oily skin in 5 minutes - Garnier SkinActive

Fix your oily skin in 5 minutes

Oiliness and grease on your skin can pop up at the most inopportune times – taking an important photo, a first date or an event you’ve looked forward to. If you want to get rid of shine on your face and you want to do it fast, what options do you have that aren’t too time intensive? While oily skin usually does require a specific skin care routine, there are some quick fixes to your problem. Here’s what you can do:

1. Use A Mattifying Primer

Avoid any potential oiliness by using a mattifying product before you apply makeup. This can help regulate your skin’s oil production and keep any greasiness from your T-zone. Imagine this as the perfect preventative method to avoid skin oiliness later in the day when you may not have any products on hand.

2. Blotting Paper

If you’re made up and ready to go but spot some oily areas on your face, a super quick fix is to just dab a little blotting paper on your skin in the affected area. Blotting papers will soak up any excess oil. Just make sure to dab, not rub, to avoid spreading oil to other areas of your face.

3. Wipes For Oily Skin

If your skin is so oily it needs to be cleansed, you have an easy option even if you’re on the go — wipes for oily skin. Keep them on hand for any absolutely necessary touch ups to reset your skin to a place of non-oiliness. Garnier Clean + Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelletes instantly remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and makeup from skin’s surface. The formula is infused with charcoal draws out impurities like a magnet. You’ll work with a fresh, clean canvas after a few quick swipes.

4. BB Cream For Oily Skin

If you were wearing make up before your emergency oil wipe session you will probably want to re-apply but caution: use something that won’t trigger skin oiliness again. Use a product that will cover blemishes, regulate skin oiliness and even out your tone. Think there isn’t such a thing that will do all three of those things? Think again. It’s called BB cream. Look for a product like Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream that helps to covers up imperfections and even contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Utilize these four quick fixes in a flash when you don’t want your skin to look oily. Even if you’re outside of your home you can still keep oily skin at bay with just a few products on hand to save your skin from shine.