Garnier Skin Care how often wash your face Garnier Skin Care how often wash your face

¿Con qué frecuencia deberías lavarte el rostro?

El limpiador facial es un elemento indispensable para la salud de la piel. Seguramente ya sabes que la limpieza diaria es indispensable para eliminar el maquillaje, la grasa y las impurezas pero, ¿sabes cuántas veces deberías lavarte el rostro? Te contamos con qué frecuencia debes lavarte el rostro y cuáles son los mejores momentos del día para hacerlo.

How Many Times a Day Should You Wash Your Face?

It’s best to wash your face twice a day, says Dr. Diane Madfes, Garnier consulting dermatologist. In the evenings, it’s important to cleanse your face and remove any makeup, plus dirt and impurities that have gathered throughout the day. In the morning, cleanse to remove sweat and oil from overnight. Make a facial cleanser part of your wake-up and night-time skin care routines.

How to Wash in the Evening

Let’s start off with saying that you should be cleansing your skin every evening before you go to bed. During the day dirt and pollution accumulate on our skin’s surface and you need to cleanse off those particles so that they don’t negatively impact your skin. For dry, sensitive and normal skin the best facial cleanser is a gentle one to wash off any build-up. The facial cleansing product should be fragrance and alcohol-free so as to not irritate your skin. For oily and your-go-to-cleansing-routine-for-combination-skin skin, use a product that regulates oil production. Again we recommend using something alcohol-free because alcohol can dry out your skin and can cause your skin to produce even more oil, which is the opposite of what you want it to do. After cleansing you can apply a face serum formulated for your skin type. This is especially helpful if you live in a city and are exposed to free radicals which can damage skin. Use a face serum formulated with antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E, green tea, resveratrol or seaweed so they can help skin neutralize those particles and improve cell turnover during the night. Lock everything in when you apply a face moisturizer at the end — for oily and combination skin look for an oil-free product and dry, sensitive and normal skin can benefit from a hydrating skin care product.

How to Wash Your Face in the Morning

Even though you cleansed your skin at night, you should also cleanse it when you wake up because sweat and oils have accumulated on your skin overnight. For dry and sensitive skin, you may want to avoid this step or use a non-wash creamy facial cleanser. Oily and combination skin can benefit from a facial cleanser formulated specifically for that skin type like Garnier All-in-1 Micellar Water Mattifying. Finish your morning skincare routine with a moisturizer with SPF like Garnier Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 to protect your skin before you head out for the day.