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How working out is crucial to anti aging

Exercising doesn’t just benefit your body, it’s also really great for your skin. That’s right, exercising a few times a week is not only an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it can also help you maintain a younger-looking appearance. We’re giving you an overview of how working out helps your skin appear more youthful as well as a short skin care routine to use after sweat session.

How Does Exercise Help With Anti-Aging?

Exercise is important for the overall health of your body but it turns out that exercise can also play a role in skin’s healthy-looking appearance. Exercise encourages blood flow and circulation to your face which helps flush out toxins. Additionally exercise acts like a mini-facial to your skin by opening up your pores and helping to expel dirt and oil from them. Since you are sweating and oil is being released from your pores, it’s very important to cleanse after your gym session because your perspiration and dead skin cells can be a breeding ground for blemishes.

How To Cleanse After The Gym

1. Clean Your Face

There’s a chance that after an intense gym class you may want to just head home without cleansing your face but that’s a big no no. The mixture of sweat, bacteria and bodily fluid resting on your face can interfere with your skin. Make things easy by carrying the best wipes for your skin type. For oily skin use a wipe formulated with glycolic or citrus acid to relieve any oiliness. Dry skin is best suited for hydrating wipes, preferably ones that also have formulas with oils. For normal skin use something gentle that leaves your skin refreshed and clean. Sensitive skin beckons for a soothing wipe — look for formulas with aloe vera or chamomile to help calm skin.

2. Soothe Your Skin

If your skin feels hot and slightly irritated post-wipe session now is the time to calm your face. Use a soothing face mist formula with rose or lavender to replenish your skin. Let your skin absorb the hydration and experience the mist’s calming effects.

3. Use A Light Moisturizer

When your skin has returned to room temperature you can apply moisturizer. Use something light and non-comedogenic that won’t block your pores. It should hydrate without irritating your skin. Use a product formulated with SPF and antioxidants in the AM so that you can protect yourself from free radicals for the rest of the day.