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Does showering affect the skin on your face?

Showering is a great way to start your day, or alternatively a great way to end one. Who doesn’t love to take a comforting shower to get squeaky clean? Unfortunately there can be downsides to showering if you don’t take certain precautions or repeatedly make the same mistakes you’re probably unaware of. This is particularly true if you wash your face while you’re in the shower. Here are five things to avoid to protect your skin while showering.

Mistake #1 You Wash Your Face With The Same Soap As Your Body

Do you have a bar soap that your love so much you use it on your body and your face? If the answer is yes, you should really rethink using a stripping bar soap on your precious complexion. Typically this kind of soap can remove moisture and oils from your skin. If you have dry skin this can result in flakiness and if your skin tends toward oiliness this can cause it to produce even more oil in response.

Mistake #2 The Water Is Too Hot

Do you like your showers piping hot? Unfortunately super hot water dries out skin particularly if you splash it against your face. You’re better off showering with lukewarm water.

Mistake #3 You Shower Too Long

The longer you shower the more moisture you’re removing from your skin. Try to limit your showers to 5-10 minutes. Yes the steam and amazing feeling of warm water against your skin is tempting but you’ll have to even the score with impossible amounts of moisturizer and even that might not solve your skin’s dryness.

Mistake #4 You Exfoliate Too Often

It’s tempting to grab the exfoliator all the time especially when it’s right there in the shower. Don’t get too exfoliation-happy as you should only be exfoliating around 1-2 times per week otherwise you may irritate your skin rather than helping it.

Mistake #5 You Don’t Moisturize Quickly Enough After Showering

As mentioned before, showering can really seep moisture from your skin. Commit to moisturizing within ten minutes of stepping out of the shower. If your skin is still moist you can help lock in hydration rather than have it evaporate off your skin and remove moisture.

There you have it, with just a few easy steps you won’t need to worry about your skin getting dried out in the shower.