5 Skin Care Trends We Loved in 2016 — Skin Care — Garnier 5 Skin Care Trends We Loved in 2016 — Skin Care — Garnier

5 skin care trends we loved in 2016

2016 was a great year for advancements in skin care. More than ever, products that tout the value of health, convenience, and multi-function line the shelves. More antioxidants and naturally derived ingredients were used to harness the power of nature in our skin care. Even better, no skin type was left out. Now that these trends have hit the mainstream, we’re expecting them to become a part of every household skin care regimen over the years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we loved this year.

Micellar Water

Originally developed in France, this rinse-free cleanser is no longer a European beauty secret. With a water-like texture, it works to gently cleanse the skin and remove makeup. Simply pour Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser onto two cotton pads and swipe across face. The proof of dirt, makeup and impurities getting lifted off of your skin will be present on the cotton pad!

Sheet Masks

2016 was the year of the sheet mask. Whether it was a moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid formula or made with soothing chamomile extracts, this Korean beauty trend has officially made it around the globe. It’s easy to understand why: in 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll feel like you just treated yourself to a spa treatment. Good for your skin and relaxing? This sounds like a trend that’s going to endure for years to come.

BB Cream

Another Korean import, BB cream is a multi-purpose skin finishing product that lives at the intersection of makeup and skin care. Garnier SkinActive 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector combines a tinted, blemish hiding cream with a nourishing formula. It helps moisturize skin as it conceals imperfections. If you need to get out the door quickly in the morning, this will be the new favorite item in your skin care arsenal.


The rise of a new type of moisturizer was especially exciting for those of us with dry, normal or combination this year. Gel-cream is made from a water-based, non-comedogenic formula that absorbs quickly on skin. It makes for a light, dewy finish that works well as a moisturizer in summer or under a cream in winter. If you’d like to try a gel-cream, start with an AM moisturizer product to apply after you cleanse like Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Wake-Up Hydra-Gel Moisturizer.

Charcoal-Infused Products

One trending ingredient in skincare for 2016 is charcoal, which helps to draw out impurities like a magnet so they can more easily be lifted off the skin’s surface. Charcoal-infused products can work especially well on oily skin types, where impurities tend to mix with oil on the skin’s surface. Look for products formulated with charcoal such as everything from towelettes to cleansers.