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3 easy steps to fresh skin after the gym

Working out is undeniably good for your health; it can rev up your metabolism, burn calories and release feel-good hormones that will elevate your mood. However a sweat-drenched fitness session can wreak havoc on your complexion, as sweat can clog pores and cause breakouts. So what can you do to get in a great gym session and also maintain gorgeous skin? Here are three easy steps to follow when you head to the locker room.

1. Clean Your Face

It may be obvious but after a hardcore cardio class you may just want to head home without cleansing your face visage. Don’t do it! You have a mixture of sweat, bacteria and bodily fluid sitting on your face and it’s bound to make your skin unhappy. Make things easy by carrying the best facial wipe for your skin type. For oily skin use a wipe with glycolic or citrus acid to relieve any oiliness. Dry skin is best suited for hydrating wipe, preferably one that also contains oils. For normal skin use something gentle that leaves your skin refreshed and clean. Sensitive skin beckons for a soothing wipe.

2. Soothe Your Skin

If your skin feels tingly post-wipe session now is the time to calm your face. Use a soothing face mist with ingredients like rose or lavender to replenish your epidermis. This helps skin go from red to hydrated and glowing with just a few spritzes.

3. Use a Lightweight Moisturizer

Make sure that your skin has returned to room temperature before you apply moisturizer. Your skin is still cooling off and glopping on something too soon can make it difficult for your skin to recalibrate. Once you’re cooled off apply something light that doesn’t block your pores.

With these three steps you can avoid breakouts, irritation and potential future pimples. While it’s hard sometimes to tack on a cleansing routine after a grueling workout (hey, you did already put in a lot of work already) just picture yourself walking out of the gym with fresh, healthy looking skin with this easy skin care routine.