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Breaking Tradition: Why Green Friday is the New Black


What’s Green Friday?

Feeling totally worn out by the onslaught of sales and holiday shopping gift guides flooding your inbox and feed? You're in good company. November can be a bit much, what with Black Friday and all the early holiday shopping craziness.

But fear not! There's a perfect solution, and it goes by the name of Green Friday. This movement kicked off back in 2015 to shed light on the not-so-cool effects of society's shopping habits. The gist? Opt for sustainable, ethical brands, shop local or, hey, maybe skip the buying spree altogether.

Eco-Fabulous Finds

If you want to partake in Green Friday, here are some tips to help you shop more sustainably:

Look for sustainable alternatives to your favorite products

Trade in your regular shampoo bottle for a hair-loving bar that's also eco-friendly—no plastic packaging here! These fast-rinse formulas are 97% biodegradable and dermatologist-tested for safety. And the best part? Each user-friendly bar goes the distance, lasting up to 40 washes. It's a win-win for your locks and the planet!

Look for products with ethically-sourced ingredients

Our 10-in-1 Miracle Nectar Leave-in Treatment is made with sustainably sourced Acacia nectar and beeswax. Right now, 25% of North America's 4,000 bee buddies are in danger of saying goodbye forever. But fear not! Whole Blends is stepping up to the plate and teaming up with The Bee Conservancy, this amazing NGO. They’ve saved around 10 million of these little pollinators since 2009. How? By creating safe havens for them and spreading the word about how crucial bees are to our world.

Try to reduce waste in your beauty routine

Say goodbye to the era of disposable cleansing pads! These reusable microfiber pads come to life with Micellar Cleansing Water, effectively wiping away makeup, cleansing your skin, and leaving zero cotton pad waste behind. Plus, each one keeps going strong for up to 1,000 washes. It's a green game-changer!

Simplify your get-ready with me routine

Get ready for an all-in-one powerhouse in a bottle! The outcome? Hair that's not just healthy but also boasts a sleek, shiny finish. That’s 10 products in 1, less money and less plastic. And here's the eco-chic bonus: Our formula is made in a manufacturing plant powered by a whopping 100% renewable energy. Plus, the bottle (pump not included) is rocking 100% recycled plastic. Beautiful hair and a beautiful planet—now that's a dynamic duo!

Garnier’s #Goals

We’re on this mission to pave the way for beauty that's not just fabulous but also super sustainable and available to everyone. Intrigued? Dive into the deets of Garnier's journey towards Greener Beauty right over here. Trust me, it's worth checking out! 

If you take away anything from this, let's remember: small steps lead to giant leaps, especially when it comes to our beloved Earth. Choosing wisely, opting for green goodies, it's like our way of saying, 'Hey planet, we've got your back!' So, keep up the eco-friendly vibes, because each little action adds up to a world of good. Let's keep the love flowing, one mindful choice at a time. Stay green, stay true, and let's keep this Earth-loving party going!

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