Do you need primer to get your skin makeup ready? - Garnier SkinActive Do you need primer to get your skin makeup ready? - Garnier SkinActive

Do you need primer to get your skin make up ready?

How you prep your skin before makeup application can play a big role in how it ends up looking on your face. It can also influence how long the makeup can last on your skin. A primer can help give your makeup staying power. It can also make your skin more even and polished-looking. There are a variety of ways to prep skin for makeup and the level of coverage you are looking for. We’re outlining ways to know if you should use a form of primer or not.

Light Coverage: No Primer

If you’re looking for a light daytime make up look in the form of a tinted moisturizer or BB cream you don’t need a primer. Garnier SkinActive’s 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream comes in a variety of shades from light to medium to dark. It also caters to various skin types from dry to oily skin. It provides light coverage, evens tone, brightens your complexion and its formula has antioxidants and SPF. It’s the perfect daytime look that minimizes the appearance of blemishes or areas of unevenness on your skin while protecting your skin from the sun.

Medium Coverage: Mattifying Primer

Trying to get a medium coverage look to take you to dinner, a movie and more? A mattifying primer can help with your make up longevity particularly when you want to be out for a few hours without touch ups. Look for a product that can give you an even and polished base that will help prolong the products that follow it.

Heavy Coverage: BB Cream Before Foundation

If you’re going to a major event with photography a great option to get full coverage is to use a BB cream before applying your foundation. It will even out your skin and help cover blemishes. Then you can apply your foundation or concealer to add additional coverage in areas like your T-zone or under eye area. The BB cream base will help your foundation last and provide a flexible base. This will prevent your foundation from looking cakey.

You don’t only have to use primer to prime your skin. Depending on the level of coverage you are trying to achieve you can use BB cream on its own, as a primer for medium coverage, or under foundation for a natural but full-coverage look.