Skincare challenge - BB Cream vs CC Cream - Garnier SkinActive Skincare challenge - BB Cream vs CC Cream - Garnier SkinActive

Desafío de cuidado de la piel: la BB Cream frente a la CC Cream

El mundo del cuidado de la piel está siempre lleno de nuevos productos. Hace unos años, la BB Cream era la nueva gran cosa. Le siguió la CC Cream. Ambas siguen existiendo y son muy populares. ¿Estás confundida sobre la diferencia? Estamos aquí para ayudarte. Más información a continuación:

What Is BB Cream?

BB cream is short for ‘blemish balm’ cream. It’s a versatile product that combines multiple skin-perfecting functions such as moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation, skin care, and concealer. BB cream isn’t just a make up or a skin care product — it’s both. It can improve your skin’s appearance, in addition to providing coverage. BB creams frequently have formulas with antioxidants such Vitamin A, C and E to help improve skin’s elasticity and brightness. BB creams also typically contain high SPF, which is your ultimate defense in the fight against skin aging.

What Is CC Cream?

The CC in CC cream stands for color correction. It’s a product that focuses on reducing the appearance of redness, and skin issues that pertain to coloration. It can improve skin tone with its light-diffusing particles. It can help minimize the appearance of age spots, dark spots and pimples while it smooths out the appearance of your overall complexion. In comparison to BB cream it has a more concealing quality and is often marketed as a product to cover skin flaws. CC cream is often considered to be more like a lightweight foundation while BB cream is akin to a tinted moisturizer with more skin care benefits.

When Should You Use Which?

That can only be decided by you and a variety of factors such as coverage, skin type, finish, and SPF. You can always start with a BB cream and see if you can build enough coverage by layering product. Try Garnier SkinActive’s 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream which minimizes the appearance of pores, evens complexion and adds brightness to your skin’s overall appearance. The formula is infused with antioxidants which can hydrate and replenish your skin. It is also formulated with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and delay the signs of skin aging.