Glowing Skin Article Glowing Skin Article

Nuestros productos favoritos para una piel radiante

Conseguir una piel de aspecto fresco y luminoso es el santo grial de la belleza. Una piel radiante puede revelar una apariencia más dinámica y juvenil, así como una tez de aspecto más saludable, hidratada y suave. Pero a la mayoría no se nos hace fácil.

Como casi todo en la vida, con un poco de esfuerzo puedes avanzar mucho para lograr la piel de tus sueños, incluyendo una rutina sólida para el cuidado de la piel e incluyendo vitamina C. Así que si sueñas con una piel radiante, te contamos cómo conseguirla.

How to Help Make Your Skin Glow
When you commit to a daily skin care routine, real and long lasting results will begin to show over time. That’s why it’s super important to find and commit to a simple yet effective daily routine that includes products designed to help you achieve beautiful looking, glowy skin. In just a few simple steps and with the right products and ingredients — like Vitamin C — you’ll be well on your way to radiant skin.

Why Vitamin C?
Thanks to Garnier and Green Labs, you can seamlessly incorporate a product formulated with Vitamin C into your simple daily glowing skincare routine. Found in both Micellar Vitamin C and the newly launched Green Labs Pinea-C Serum Cream and Cleanser, Vitamin C is known to be a powerhouse skincare ingredient with anti-oxidant properties. Products formulated with Vitamin C, are generally designed to brighten skin tone and help shield your skin barrier from environmental stressors and help reduce the appearance of dark spots over time. With extended use, incorporating products with Vitamin C in your skincare routine could result in more even, glowing looking skin.

Clean skin is happy skin. By properly cleansing your skin each morning and removing your makeup and debris each night, you can rest assured you’re giving your skin the best possible chance at achieving an outer glow.

When cleansing, opt to use Micellar Cleansing Water with Vitamin C or Pinea-C Cleanser. Micellar Cleansing Water with Vitamin C feels comfortable on skin and can be used to both cleanse and remove face and eye makeup, while it effectively cleanses and brightens skin. Another excellent option? The Pinea-C Cleanser — a scrub-free gel wash for dull and uneven skin that not only removes makeup and impurities but also smooths skin’s texture for brighter, glowing skin.


The next step in achieving skin glow is exfoliating. By gently and routinely exfoliating your skin, you can help slough away dead skin cells at the surface, which can reveal brighter, fresher and healthier looking skin. You can exfoliate physically, with a cleansing scrub or peel, or chemically, by using a moisturizer or corrector with ingredients that have exfoliating properties, like Lipo-Hydroxyl Avid (LHA.). LHA works to gently brighten and even out the look of your complexion.

Hydrate and Care

To care and hydrate your skin, opt to use Pinea-C Serum Cream — an all new skin brightening formula that combines 3 products into one simple step, delivering results while eliminating a multi-step routine. (The simpler the better, right?)

Infused with Vitamin C and Pineapple, this brightening serum cream is a 24-hour moisturizer, serum and sunscreen in one lightweight formula. The power of a brightening serum, lasting moisture of a cream and protection of broad spectrum SPF 30 will leave your skin looking instantly smoother, looking healthier in 3 days, and dark spots faded over time with continued use.

Just apply it once in the morning all over your clean face and neck, and voila!

Use SPF Daily

It’s extremely important to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Aside from the obvious reasons (preventing skin cancer, practicing safe sun and keeping your skin healthy) sun damaged skin can also appear dull, or present with difficult dark spots — pretty much the opposite of glowing. So, make sure to use a SPF-containing products like the Pinea-C serum cream each and every day, even if your plans are mostly indoors.

With the proper products, commitment to your skincare routine and a little bit of patience, you can achieve healthier-looking, glowing skin with ease.