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Does oily skin require moisturizer? skin care garnier

Oily skin can seem like it doesn’t need any extra moisture — after all the excess shine doesn’t beckon for more oil to be added to it. However not using a moisturizer on oily skin is a common skin care mistake. Oily skin absolutely needs to be hydrated in order to be healthy-looking and to function properly. If you have oily skin and you’re not sure how you should moisturize it we have some tips for you.

1. Cleansing

Before you moisturize you need to make sure you removed any excess oil or sebum from your skin. Use a gentle cleanser with salicylic or glycolic acid to help dissolve the excess oil on your skin. This will remove any build-up off of your skin’s surface. Charcoal cleansers are particularly effective in regulating oily skin as they attract and remove impurities like a magnet. Once you have cleansed your skin it will be ready to absorb a moisturizer.

2. BB Cream

In the morning if you’re looking for coverage and possibly hiding some blemishes on your skin, BB cream is the perfect product for you, especially if you use a product specially formulated for oily skin. Garnier SkinActive’s 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free BB Cream has five skin-perfecting benefits — it controls shine, minimizes the appearance of pores, evens skin tone, hydrates and protects. It’s easy to apply and within a few minutes you’ll have shine-free, more even-toned looking complexion.

3. Hydrating Moisturizer At Night

After cleansing in the evening (it’s important to cleanse oily skin twice a day) you should apply another hydrating yet non-comedogenic formulated product to moisturize your skin at night. Garnier SkinActive’s Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream has a lightweight, highly absorbent formula which can hydrate your skin for up to 24 hours. Your skin will feel soft and supple without any excess oils making your skin look shiny.