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The best winter skin care routine

Winter can be tough on your skin — just like you need to bundle up with your clothing, you’ll have to layer your skin with extra protection if the weather is harsh. When the temperature drops so can moisture levels in your skin, which can wreak havoc on skin that has the tendency to be dry. Sensitive skin types can also suffer from increased breakouts. It’s easy to protect your skin in the winter, but you need to know what changes you need to make. We outline below how you can winterize your skin care routine for optimal healthy skin results.

Step #1 Don’t Avoid Exfoliating

You’re probably thinking that exfoliating would be too harsh for your skin in the winter. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and through this your skin can appear less dry and flaky. Use an exfoliator with fruit beads or fruit enzymes to slough off excess skin cells, smooth and balance your overall complexion.

Step # 2 Take Your Moisturizer to The Next Level

You should have a different moisturizer in the winter than you do in the summer, as your skin will have different needs. Try to find a moisturizer with a slightly thicker consistency that will lock moisture onto your skin. At night we suggest Garnier’s Anti-Fatigue Miracle Sleeping Cream, which has all of the superpowers of a mask built into a cream. It will restore dull and dry skin with the added benefit of hyaluronic and hydroxy acids, which intensely hydrate.
During the day it’s essential that you apply SPF as the sun is a big factor in skin dryness and damage, even in the winter. Use at least an SPF 15 but go higher depending on how fair you are and your level of sun exposure. A brightening moisturizer with SPF will make your skin look radiant throughout the day.

Step #3 Hydrate Inside and Out

Winter weather is on a mission to remove water from your skin and body, so it’s important that you employ three crucial steps when it comes to your daily hydration. First make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day and getting hydration by consuming fruits and vegetables. A great way to start the day is with a glass of lukewarm water with some lemon squeezed into it. You will quench your thirst after a good night’s sleep with the added benefit of Vitamin C.

Step two in your hydration plan should be to moisturize within two minutes after showering or washing your face. If you apply moisturizer to the skin, while it’s still damp, you can lock in water particles on your skin, which can help your skin stay hydrated during the day. Make sure to not waste too much time after cleansing or showering as once these water particles fully evaporate they take hydration with them, stealing the moisture from your skin.
Lastly invest in a humidifier to make the air in your home less dry. It will help keep your skin hydrated, especially at night , which can reduce flakiness and make skin supple.

Step #4 Watch Your Temperatures

It’s super tempting to take a long luxurious hot shower in the winter, particularly after being outside on an ice cold day. However hot water is really not your skin’s friend. Avoid stripping your skin of precious moisture by taking a lukewarm shower instead and avoid splashing hot water on your face when cleansing.

Add a Serum to the Mix

Moisturizer is great, and as we mentioned before you absolutely have to make it part of your regimen. Boost the efficacy of your moisturizer by applying a serum beforehand. Serums with antioxidants like retinol, Vitamin C and reservatrol help to brighten dull winter skin.