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The best skin care routine in your 50s

In your 50s you should focus your attention on two things in your skin care routine: moisturizing and anti-aging. Just because you may no longer be plagued by blemishes or acne like you were in your 20s, 30s and maybe even 40s, does not mean you should reduce your skin care efforts. It’s very important to maintain good skin care habits to enhance your skin’s brightness, elasticity and glow.

Common Skin Concerns in Your 50s

Loss of Collagen

As you age your skin starts to lose collagen with each passing year. In your 50s you will likely look in the mirror and see that your skin’s texture has changed. Avoid all things that can further cause your skin to lose collagen — not wearing SPF, smoking, tanning,. If you must go in the sun, wear a broad-spectrum SPF20 or higher..

Hyperpigmentation/Sun Spots/Age Spots

Sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation increase as we get older and can be found on our chest, face and hands. The more numerous these dark spots become the older your skin starts to look. To avoid getting even more dark spots always wear SPF.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

In your 50s fine lines often develop into wrinkles particularly around areas with a lot of motion such as the eyes, mouth and forehead. As we get older our skin loses elastin which is responsible for our skin’s elasticity. The more elastin we lose the less pliable and flexible our skin becomes which can result in wrinkles. Always wear a broad-spectrum SPF and do not smoke.


Many women report that their skin loses some of its luster and dewiness as they become older. As we age our skin produces less sebum, a waxy substance which gives our skin its healthy glow. Getting enough Vitamin C can help improve your skin’s glow — stock up on carrots, oranges and mangoes.

Skin Care Routine in Your 50s

1. Cleanser

Don’t think that because your skin has become drier or it has lost some of its elasticity that you don’t need to cleanse anymore. Use a creamy or milky cleanser that can both hydrate your skin and remove impurities.

2. Serums

Serums should be a staple in your skin care routine as they have tons of anti-aging benefits. They are filled with antioxidants which help restore your skin and give it brightness and hydration. Look for products with retinol, Vitamin C, reservatrol or green tea to brighten your skin. Serums are a supercharged way to restore your complexion’s vitality and an easy way to get back your glowing skin.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is key to brighter and radiant skin — make sure you’re exfoliating at least twice a week shed old surface cells that might bemaking your skin look dull. This will also help your products be more effective. Use a product with salicylic acid to gently exfoliate once a week. If you’re looking for extra hydration you can follow your exfoliation session with a hydrating mask. Sheet masks are incredibly easy to use and can really provide intense hydration to your skin.

4. Moisturizer

As we outlined at the beginning of this article your skin needs to be moisturized on a regular basis to look its best. In the evenings you should use a moisturizing and nourishing cream to restore hydration. In the daytime use a brightening moisturizer with SPF and antioxidants to fight off the sun’s harmful rays and provide hydrating benefits. Also don’t forget your delicate eye are which often shows signs of aging first. Use an eye serum or cream that can help plump up this area to make you look awake and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Your skin will have changed over the years but it can still look youthful, plump and vibrant in your 50s and for many years after with the right routine.