How to manage gray hair? - Garnier How to manage gray hair? - Garnier

Learn How to Manage Your Gray Hair

Gray hair happens, but you don’t have to live with it! Why does hair turn gray? What’s the best hair dye for gray hair? What’s the best shampoo for gray hair? What are youthful gray hairstyles?

Read on to keep your salt-and-pepper locks looking fabulous!

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Every wondered why hair turns gray? As you age, melanin production halts, causing your hair to appear gray. While most of us gray eventually, premature graying is likely linked to genetics. However, poor nutrition, health-related conditions, lifestyle factors and stress can also accelerate the onset of graying.

Gray Hair Care

Gray hair tends to be coarser and more brittle, making it more susceptible to external damage, UV exposure and processing. However, with a little TLC gray hair can look absolutely stunning.

How to Prevent Gray Hair

Genetics play a huge role in your hair’s graying, but you can slow the process.

How to prevent gray hair - Garnier

Try Some Gray Hairstyles

Decided to embrace your gray hair? Check out our youthful hairstyles for gray hair.
For more tips and advice, read our guide on covering grays.

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