Garnier Hair Care Curly Hair mistakes girls make Garnier Hair Care Curly Hair mistakes girls make

Errores comunes de cabello rizado

You work hard to keep your curls in great shape. Don’t let it unravel by making one of these common curly hair mistakes. Your healthy, frizz free curls will thank you!

Mistake #1: Brushing

Friction creates frizz, which is why curly hair and brushes are a bad match. The only time you should use a brush is for dry-detangling with oil, never as a styling method.

Mistake #2: Blow-Drying

A blow dryer can destroy your curl formation and leave you with a bird’s nest of frizz, so air-dry your hair whenever possible. Can’t give up heat? Then use a diffuser attachment to control the air flow and dry on a cool setting to minimize damage.

Mistake #3: Towel-Drying

Terry cloth towels have big fibers that can rough up the hair cuticle and cause frizz. Keep them away from your curls and use a soft T-shirt to scrunch the water out of your hair instead.

Mistake #4: Over-Cleansing

Over-cleaning hair can strip it of its natural oils that help maintain frizz-free looking strands. Opt for a gentle shampoo, like Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Sulfate-Free Shampoo and cleanse as often or as little depending on your hair texture and type.

Mistake #5: Sleeping without Protection

You can save your style from bedhead and frizz by sleeping with your hair in a pineapple (a popular curly hair technique). Also, a silk or satin pillowcase is another way to ensure that your beauty rest doesn’t disrupt your curls. The slippery surface doesn’t agitate the hair like cotton. Finally, make sure your hair is completely dry before you call it a night; wet hair is vulnerable to breakage when you toss and turn.