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We debunk 5 anti aging myths

Anti-aging is a hot topic and there is a ton of information out there on the subject. Not all of it is correct and many myths circulate. We’re here today to abandon those misconceptions and provide you with the best information when it comes to having healthy-looking skin for decades to come.

1. Myth: Only Expensive Products Are Effective

Truth: A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is better than a less pricey one. Of course there are some expensive products in the market that are very effective, however the same can be said of drugstore brands. What matters most are the active ingredients in a product formula. When looking for effective skin care products keep an eye out for lactic or glycolic acid, Vitamin C, retinol or pro-retinol in the ingredient list. We should all be able to afford necessary products like broad spectrum SPF. The most important thing when it comes to skin care is knowing what’s right for you and your skin-type, not necessarily the price tag.

2. Myth: Once You See Results You Can Stop Your Anti-Aging Routine

Truth: Your skin is continuously aging. So once you start using anti-aging products and start to see results, you won’t be able to just stop and expect your skin to start looking the way it did before you started. Anti-aging products are typically meant to be used regularly over a long-term rather than only when your skin shows improvement.

3. Myth: Stock Up On As Many Products as Possible

Truth: Don’t go buying every anti-aging product under the sun in an effort to fight the signs of aging as much as possible. A few select products can have the same effect as slathering your face in a myriad of products. That’s because your desired effect doesn’t increase with using more product. In fact, it’s risky to use too much product because your skin is more likely to become irritated.

4. Myth: Your Diet Doesn’t Affect Anti-Aging

Truth: The food and drinks you consume can play a role in how your skin appears to age. Eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and healthy oils and drinking lots of water will help your skin glow and appear healthy-looking for a long time to come.

5. Myth: Strong Products = Cleaner, Healthier Skin

Truth: Products with harsh ingredients can irritate the skin. Anti-aging skincare is a marathon, not a sprint, and you should look for gentle products like Garnier Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser that your skin can withstand for a long time.