Garnier Hair Care Fructis Tips for Body Garnier Hair Care Fructis Tips for Body

Build body into fine hair like a pro

No one gets to choose the consistency of their hair, but don’t let that stop you from flaunting its natural beauty with proper care and styling techniques. With these baseline tips, girls with any hair type can master the art of luxurious-looking locks.

Build the Foundation

Volume starts at the salon, where a great haircut goes a long way. Layered cuts build body into fine hair, but beware of bangs, which can appear thin and flat. Fine-haired women often do better with shorter, bouncier haircuts because longer styles can pull hair flat with their weight. Color shouldn't be ignored; highlights and lowlights can add visual depth to fine hair.

Styling Fine Hair on a Wash Day

Volumizing shampoos such as Fructis Full & Plush Shampoo can help give the appearance of thicker hair by coating individual hair follicles with proteins. This should be paired with a light dollop of volumizing conditioner, as part of the Full & Plush system, worked in toward the ends. Wet hair shouldn't be brushed because it's more prone to damage.

You can also add volume by applying a root-lifting mousse such as Fructis Full & Plush Root Amp and blow-drying with the hair flipped over until it's nearly dry. This way, the roots are styled into a position lifting away from the scalp, giving the illusion of added volume.

The cool-shot button is another great tool in the fine-haired gal's arsenal. This setting should be implemented when hair is nearly dry. It cools down the target area, locking the style into place by sealing the hair’s cuticle, which is opened during heat styling. In general, a low –heat setting on any styling tool is best for fine hair. As the hair dries, a round boar-bristle brush can be used to manipulate strands into shape. These are best for fine hair, as they are gentler and don't snag hair like some plastic brushes.

Styling Fine Hair on Non-Wash Days

For days when there just isn't time to wash hair, there's no need to panic. Plenty of great styling products help women coax fine, flattened hair into lush, voluminous-looking tresses. Products like De-Constructed Texture Tease help fine hair hold up by giving tresses airy fullness for a textured look. For a beachy look for your day two hair, use De-Constructed Beach Chic to create texture and loose waves. If crafting curls, fine-haired ladies should take advantage of their oilier next-day hair, since oil can help hold styles and hair will be better at holding a curl. High heat can damage fine hair, but this can be avoided by using hot rollers or keeping the curling iron on a low setting.