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Skin care tips to master before you turn 40

Skin goes through a lot of ups and downs in your teens and 20s but by the time your 30s roll around you should be knowledgeable about your complexion. Most likely you know what skin type you have, what causes your skin to flare up, and how to soothe it in those instances. If you feel pretty well-versed in skin care we congratulate you, your skin is likely to look great for many decades to come. Nevertheless there are still a few tips and tricks to know that can improve your skin’s appearance and we’re sharing them with you today!

1. Get on the Antioxidant Express

Now is a good time to start incorporating an array of antioxidants into both your skin care and your diet. Antioxidant skin care, composed of ingredients such as retinoids or pro-retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, green tea and Vitamin E, are all excellent in helping to achieve your best complexion. You should also enjoy antioxidants in your diet in the form of leafy greens, fresh fruit, lean meats and fish.

2. SPF Always

You probably hear this a lot — SPF is crucial. While we’re sure you lather up when you’re in the sun, it’s important to wear SPF, every single day. Any type of sun exposure even on a cloudy day can damage your skin. New research suggests that even the light from computer screens can cause damage on your skin. Protect yourself every day and look for products that have a broad spectrum SPF.

3. Wear a Sleeping Cream

Sleeping creams are a fairly new, but revolutionary product. You apply them after cleansing to help lock in helpful ingredients and work on your skin overnight. You’ll wake up with gorgeous, fresh skin with minimal effort, all you have to do is apply it and go to sleep. Try adding this to your skin care routine before you turn 40 so that you have the perfect weapon against fatigued skin.