Garnier Hair Color How Often Should I Color My Hair Example Woman Brown Hair Garnier Hair Color How Often Should I Color My Hair Example Woman Brown Hair

¿Con qué frecuencia debería teñir mi cabello?

La coloración adecuada puede actualizar tu peinado e iluminar tu tez. Sea cual sea tu objetivo, existe la coloración perfecta para ti. Saber con qué frecuencia puedes teñir tu cabello te ayuda a prevenir el daño.

How Often Can I Use Permanent Color?

All-Over Color Help

When roots become visible, typically four to six weeks post-coloring, follow the root touch-up application instructions to maintain an even color result from month to month.

Special Effects Help

When it comes to special effects, like Bronde, Balayage, Sombre, Ombre, application is not as frequent as all-over color because the dye is typically not applied to the root area. These low commitment looks are often touched up once the hair has grown out dramatically and due for a haircut. Another reason women typically find themselves coloring again is to change their look, often going from more subtle to dramatic.

Semi- and Demi-Permanent Color Time Table

Semi-Permanent Color Help

Semi-permanent color is a coating on your natural color that doesn’t become part of the hair shaft. Semi-permanent color is applied after washing and towel-drying the hair, and lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 washings.

Demi-Permanent Color Help

Demi-permanent hair color can last longer than semi-permanent color. It often lasts up to 24 washings, and uses a mild hydrogen peroxide for color deposit only (no lift).

Hair color timelines are true for both professional applications and do-it-yourself products.

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