How to use concealer to cover up skin imperfections

If you indulged in the sun a little too much this year, concealer may help you look your best by covering those areas affected by this exposure. When your skin is marked by imperfections, a few easy steps you can hide them and make your complexion look even and radiant. Read our handy guide on concealer to reveal glowing skin.

Why It’s Important to Wear SPF
Some of the causes of your skin’s imperfections are preventable and some are not. If you are not protecting your skin from the sun with broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher at all times, you are likely to get dark spots from sun exposure. If you are getting dark spots due to a hormonal imbalance visit your doctor to find out more about what may be causing this issue.

How does concealer help their appearance?
Using the right concealer can help you hide your imperfections. Opt for a shade that’s one lighter than your skin tone and apply the concealer first before any other layer of makeup. To help completely cover stubborn blemishes or dark spots, you’ll need a concealer that has a thick consistency. Dab it on the area until it is no longer visible. Then apply a BB cream or foundation and blend, blend, blend. Your skin will look radiant and flawless to conquer your day. Try to find a BB cream with SPF that will work double-duty protecting your skin.