curly side braid tutorial - garnier hairstyle curly side braid tutorial - garnier hairstyle

How to do a curly side braid

While many assume creating a braid in hair may be easier if your hair is perfectly straight, good news: That’s not actually the case. If anything, braided hair with curls can have more texture and volume, which gives it a romantic and casual vibe. You can’t go wrong with a curly hair with braid hairstyle, no matter what kind of braid you go for.

But curly braided hair does pose a challenge in that curls can be a little harder to wrangle and stretch into a braid. For that reason, it’s best to keep the style simple: A side braid hairstyle doesn’t require much pulling or keeping track of multiple curly sections, and it’s still one of the prettiest hairstyles for curly long hair.

One of the tricks to perfecting a curls hairstyle is to prep your curls before you begin styling it. Braid or no braid, any curly hairdo works best with a moisturizing cream or gel applied to damp or towel-dried curls, which is designed to help seal in moisture and control frizz. And as long as you take care of your curls first, you can’t go wrong with your side braid. Discover more styles for braided hair with our Braid Hairstyle Tips, and get inspiration for other hairstyles for curly long hair in our Curly Hairstyle hub.


how to do a curly side braid step 1

Start by parting your hair with a deep side part. Pull hair over to your preferred part or your natural part.

Apply Curl Stretch Loosening Pudding or try Curl Treat Smoothie to damp hair to help define curls and fight frizz.

how to do a curly side braid step 2

To begin your braid, start by gathering hair on one side at the nape of the neck and divide in 3 parts.

Start braiding by pulling hair over and under. Make sure you’re not braiding too tight so you can loosen at the end. Leave loose hair at the front.

how to do a curly side braid step 3

Secure braid at the end

Then loosen along the edges of the braid to add texture and width.

how to do a curly side braid step 4
Front view of Full Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray.

Full Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray

Finish the look by taming loose ends at the front and taming down baby hairs.

Use a dab of Curl Treat Smoothie Leave-In Styler along the loose ends and spray Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel to the front edges to tame down baby hairs. Add a touch of Full Control Hairspray all over to add hold