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How to pick the best moisturizer

Match Your Skin Type with the Right Moisturizer

Think about it - why do some people have oily skin while others have flaking skin? What causes combination skin, characterized by some areas with excess oil and some areas that are dry? From pore size to pigmentation, no two people have the same skin design, but everyone's skin does fit into different categories or skin types. Determining your skin type is preferred when choosing a moisturizer.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is defined as not too oily and not too dry. A person with this skin type has:

• Few imperfections
• No extreme sensitivities
• Small, barely visible pores

Normal skin can change over time due to environmental factors, aging or hormones. For example, a pregnant woman may notice her skin becomes oily, while an older person can develop dry patches.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by areas with excess oil. This oil can lead to blemishes and acne. Oily skin may be caused by hormones. For example, oil gland production can increase around menstruation. Blocked pores can also lead to excess oil on the skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin, on the other hand, has areas without enough oil. Dry skin can be the result of environmental stressors such as climate change or moisture-robbing cleansers. It can be also be caused by the hormonal changes that come with aging.

Combination Skin

Combination skin has characteristics of both normal and oily skin. It results in appearing shiny in some areas and dry and flaky in others. If you have combination skin, you may have larger pores in key areas, such as around the nose. Large pores may also be caused by ineffective cleansing.

Finding the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Now that you have information necessary to determine your skin type, the next step is to select the right moisturizer.

• Normal skin – Choose a light and non-greasy product to help maintain the normal moisture balance of the skin.
• Dry skin – Use a richer product with more staying power and hydrating ingredients to trap moisture to keep dry skin feeling moisturized throughout the day.
• Oily skin – Look for a moisturizing product that will not block pores. Choose “noncomedogenic”, meaning it won't clog pores, if you are prone to blackheads and whiteheads.

Finding a moisturizer right for your skin type may be a difficult process. Don't fret, though - start with samples sizes if possible, and if you don't love one, move on to the next!