Full directions for applying Nutrisse hair color - Garnier Full directions for applying Nutrisse hair color - Garnier

How to Apply Nutrisse | Hair Color 101 Tutorial

What’s the hardest part about coloring with Nutrisse Ultra Crème? Picking your favorite shade! Applying it is as easy as 1-2-3. (There are actually four steps, but who’s counting?)

Once you’ve finally fallen for an irresistible color (see the Shade Selector below), grab an old towel and head for the sink. In less than an hour, all the grays will be gone and you’ll be swooning over the rich and radiant lasting color. And with five hair-loving fruit oils, your locks will be deeply nourished for amazing body and shine. As Nutrisse ambassador Drew Barrymore likes to say, “Better color, better hair!” Check out her video tutorial and read on for the full directions.

Shade Selector Quiz

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Everything You Need

Every Nutrisse Ultra Color kit contains gloves, hair color and developer, plus enough conditioner to last till your next coloring sesh. There are also specific instructions to follow depending on whether you’re doing all-over color or just a root touch-up (brief yourself well and read them all). But before unleashing that color, here’s a word to the wise DIYer: Always do a 48-hour skin allergy test.

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