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5 skin care tips to hold on to for life

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. When it comes to skin care there are many things that you can do, but it's important to lock a simple routine in place. We’ve compiled a list of five skin care tips you should always be doing to reap healthy skin that also looks great.

Step #1 Find the best cleanser for your skin type

You should cleanse your skin every morning and every night, and more importantly you should use the correct product for your skin type. Cleansers can differ by skin type so make sure to use one that best suits your needs. For dry and sensitive skin, consider using a cream-based cleanser that won’t strip your skin of moisture. Ideally it should be paraben- and fragrance- free so as to not irritate your skin. Oily skin can benefit from a mattifying, refreshing cleanser that includes salicylic acid which can help prevent your skin from clogging and becoming more oily.

Step #2 Exfoliate every week

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells which will make your complexion look fresh. It can also make your skin capable of absorbing products that will yield greater looking skin. Try to exfoliate at least once a week with a gentle cleanser to give you radiance.

Step #3 Moisturize correctly

It’s very important to moisturize - without it your skin can look dry and flaky. Find the right moisturizer for your skin type so that your skin can be hydrated and not stripped of its natural oils revealing beautiful glowing skin.

Step #4 Hydrate

Hydration is the key to your skin’s appearance. The amount of water you drink can reflect on your skin, so stay hydrated throughout the day.

Step #5 Have a healthy lifestyle

Consider a diet that is filled with vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Try to consume antioxidant-rich leafy greens, citrus fruits, berries and fish to help provide your skin with vitamins and minerals to make it look its best.

With these five easy steps you'll have great looking skin. Bookmark these for life!