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Self tanner and your skin: what you need to know

Self-tanner is a great sun-free way to look bronzed without damaging your skin from sun exposure. Experts say that 90 percent of aging can be attributed to sun exposure. If you’re looking to have a sun kissed look without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays, use self-tanner and follow our tips for a streak-free application below.

1. Exfoliate First

Remove dead surface skin cells before you apply self-tanner to ensure an even application. This will help your self-tanner look streak-free and will also prolong its wear. Garnier SkinActive’s Clean+ Invigorating Daily Scrub gently exfoliates with jojoba beads and energizes skin with peppermint. After use your skin should be primed for self-tanner application.

2. Apply In Sections On Dry Skin

Make sure that your skin is completely dry so that self-tanner can easily absorb. Then apply in small sections versus one large sweep to ensure an even application. Use a small amount and apply in a circular upwards motion. Make sure to blend in areas of your face such as your hairline, your chin or your nose. These areas are prone to streaks. Naturally your face is more likely to tan on your forehead, cheeks and nose so most of your application should focus on those areas.

3. Wash Your Hands

A dead giveaway of using self-tanner is orange or brown palms so try to avoid this by washing your hands immediately after you’re done applying your self-tanner. Rub your hands together with soap to lift the product and ensure you are removing it from your hands.

3. Remove Any Mishaps With Micellar Water

Don’t fret if you applied too much self-tanner. The product can be lifted with oils and cleansers. If you notice you’ve gone overboard in some areas you can lift some of the color with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover. Just pour micellar water to a cotton pad and rub it on the affected area. It should help remove some of the color.