Are Your Bangs Making Your Skin Break Out?

Are Your Bangs Making Your Skin Break Out?

Have you wondered why you seem to have more blemishes around or underneath your bangs? If you find that your skin is oilier and that you have more pimples there might be a good reason for that. We’re looking at different ways that your bangs might be causing skin issues and what measures you can take to ensure your skin looks its best.

Why Your Bangs Might Be Making You Break Out

Both our hair and our skin produce sebum and oil. We cleanse our skin and our hair to remove any excess oil and sebum production. When you have bangs your skin and hair touch and the two can affect each other’s oil levels. You’re probably washing your skin every day (if not, here’s why you should) but might not be washing your hair every day, which can affect oil and sebum levels where your hair touches your skin.

1. Keep Your Bangs Off Your Face At Night

Our skin renews itself at night and having a layer or hair on your forehead overnight may interfere with your skin’s natural process and possibly add oil to your skin. A good way to help your skin breathe and ensure it doesn’t become a haven for bacteria, oil and sebum is by keeping it off your face at night. Pin your hair up and back – including your bangs – so that your hair isn’t resting on your skin all night. This process also makes it easier to cleanse your skin.

2. Wash Only Your Bangs

Since bangs are shorter and closer to your hair follicle which produces oil they are more likely to get greasy which can transfer onto your skin. If you can tell that your hair is getting oily section it off with a hair band or with a shower cap that you use to cover everything but your bangs. Shampoo to remove excess oil. If you use conditioner make sure the product doesn’t touch your skin as it may make your skin oily or the fragrance could irritate your skin.

3. Use Antioxidants To Cleanse At Night

Since your bangs are touching your skin during the day you need to make sure to deep cleanse your skin at night. Use a gentle cleanser formulated with antioxidants such as Vitamin C to help even out your skin tone, brighten your skin and refine your pores.