4 Ways To Use Micellar Water That Are Not On Your Face

4 Ways To Use Micellar Water That Are Not On Your Face

Micellar water is an effective, multifaceted cleanser. It works on a variety of skin types and cleanses without drying out the skin. Using it is simple. Saturate two cotton pads or cotton balls then gently wipe across your skin. The micelles (liquid oil particles suspended in micellar water) should lift makeup, sweat, dirt, grime and residue off your face. Repeat this process until the cotton ball are clear of any evidence of dirt or makeup. Then your skin will be completely clean.

Now that we’ve covered how to use micellar water on your face, let’s look at some interesting ways you can use this product in other ways. Micellar water isn’t just great at cleansing your face it can also clean your body and help remove stains as well.

1. Cleaning Make Up Messes

Have you ever broken a blush or bronzer? Accidentally swiped mascara somewhere other than your eyelashes? Make up application can be a messy process and sometimes you can’t just easily wipe away the spillage. If you ever find yourself with a makeup mess, use micellar water and a cotton pad to clean it up. It’s particularly effective on smooth surfaces and can make that pearly highlighter disappear off your bathroom sink.

2. To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

While we’re on the subject of makeup, makeup brushes can get very dirty over time. They accumulate product, oil, sweat and grease and harbor bacteria which can make your skin break out. Use micellar water to cleanse them every week. Pour micellar water into a bowl and dip the bristles of your brush into the micellar water. Press your makeup brushes against a paper towel to lift off residue and grime. Your skin will thank you.

3. To Clean Surfaces

Got some foundation on your sink? Some lipstick on your make up bag? You don’t always have to reach for household cleaning spray, you can easily remove the stains with micellar water. A few dabs with a micellar-soaked cotton pad should help lift the stains.

4. To Clean Your Hands

Washing your hands is impossible unless you’re by a sink or running water. If you need to clean off your hands but are away from water, use a few drops of micellar water and rub your hands together. This should life some of the dirt and make your hands feel refreshed sans water.