3 Surprising Micellar Water Hacks

3 Surprising Micellar Water Hacks

You’ve probably heard about micellar water and its great cleansing qualities (if not read our article about micellar water here) but did you know it has a lot of other functions outside of just cleansing your face. We’re outlining three ways that you can use micellar water to help with your make up application, to manage skin issues, and to cleanse other parts of your body. Read our three surprising tips here.

1. To Correct Your Make Up

Make up application looks like a breeze when you accomplish your final “face” but a lot of things can go wrong along the way. Since make up is usually applied in layers, when you apply too much of something or something doesn’t come out quite right (we’re looking at your winged eyeliner) having to start from scratch can be devastating. Micellar water is perfect for these moments because you can easily zone in on one area you want to touch up or remove. Apply micellar water to a Q-Tip or cotton pad and gently touch up the area remove your make up mishap. You can use the product to resolve makeup mishaps such as too much blush, smudged eyeliner, or caked-on concealer.

2. To Remove Your Perfume

Did you try on a perfume you absolutely hate? It can be downright annoying to have a scent lingering that you don’t like on your body for a whole day. Micellar water to the rescue! Micellar water can help to remove the scent. Just soak a cotton pad and apply to the area where you spritzed the perfume. It should lift the fragrance and you will no longer have the unwanted perfume cloud around you. Think of it as a quick and easy spot clean for fragrances you don’t want to have on your skin.

3. To Wash Your Hands

Have you ever been somewhere where there are no sinks or running water but your really needed to wash your hands? Micellar water can come in handy (pun intended). A few drops can lift dirt and grime. Just apply to your hands and rub them together to refresh and cleanse them. Micellar water is perfect when you are on a road trip, at a festival or camping. Keep a small container on hand (it’s easy to fill a travel size if you have an original bottle) so that you can cleanse on the go. It will make your on-the-go lifestyle super easy.