Best New Hairstyles for Long Hair

Best New Hairstyles for Long Hair

Is your hair past your shoulders, and are you getting tired of the same old 'dos? Do you find that when you have to corral your hair into one more lifeless ponytail, you'd rather take a hatchet to it? Don't fret -- the great thing about long hair is that there's a lot of potential for fantastic hairstyles that accentuate your hair's natural beauty. So what are you waiting for? Ditch the scrunchie and freshen up your look with these new hairstyles for ladies sporting lengthy locks.

The Braided Updo

For this one, take a section of hair on either side of your head, just above your ears, and work each one into medium-sized French braids hugging the sides of your scalp and running towards the back of your head. Twist them and the rest of your hair on top into an elegant messy bun. Use bobby pins to secure it, but be sure to leave a few casual strands dangling around your face for a soft, feminine look. For another look, flip your hair over and French braid a strip of your hair starting at the nape of your neck and moving up. When you get to your crown, work the braid and the rest of your hair into a high bun.

Bump It Up

This one's easy! Part your hair to one side, at the arch of your eyebrow (on the left or right, as you prefer). Then, on the side with more hair, take the front section, twist it towards your scalp, and use a few bobby pins to secure it above your ear. Gently loosen the hair to create an edgy pouf in front. Style the rest of your hair in loose waves, or pin it up. For an alternative but similar style, take the entire front section of your hair (be generous!) and use a hot roller or curling iron to give it some bounce. Then gently twist it into a plump coil and pin it just above your temple. Put the rest of your hair up in the back.

Rock a Fishtail Pony

Fishtail-ponytail hybrids are in! There are two great ways to do this. Put your hair into a high pony and weave a fishtail all the way down, keeping it as thick as possible and allowing it to taper gracefully towards the bottom. This intricate, fun style really shows off your hair's length! You can also fishtail braid a small section in the middle of your ponytail to add a cool detail and create alluring contrast. Just secure with a clear elastic above and below the part you are braiding!