4 Rules for Thirsty Curls

4 Rules for Thirsty Curls

Curls need lots of moisture! Keep the hydration coming, and they will repay you with shine, bounce and manageability. Deprive them of it, and they rebel and turn frizzy. The sooner you start incorporating these hydrating tricks into your routine, the sooner you’ll get amazing curls every day!

1. Condition Daily

You should try to condition after washing your curls, but what about the days you skip shampoo? If your second- or third- day curls look dry, you can condition on your non-cleansing days too. Wet your hair and rake a generous amount of conditioner through your curls, using your fingers or wide tooth comb. Rinse and restyle. Or, try a faster method: Splash your curls with water to rehydrate without completely getting drenched. Then combine a dollop of conditioner in your palm with a little bit of water or use a leave-in conditioner, and gently rub the mixture in your hair. Be sure to touch-up those frizziest spots on the top. No need to rinse!

2. Don’t Rinse It All Out

Conditioner is so beneficial for curls, so it make sense to leave some of that moisture behind. Remember, the more hydration, the less frizz! But be careful if you have a powerful shower head. You may need to stand away from the stream and use your hands to splash water over your head to avoid rinsing all of the benefits down the drain.

3. Choose the Right Conditioner

When you find the right formula, you can leave extra conditioner in your hair without worrying about greasy or heavy curls. Garnier Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Conditioner strikes the right balance with its replenishing blend of jojoba, macadamia and coconut oils.

4. Deep Condition Every Week

At least once or twice a week, deep condition your hair for 15 minutes with a rich, thick product after you wash your hair. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Reconstructing Butter with Phyto-Keratin® complex can be used as a deep conditioning treatment for curls. Even better, add heat to the treatment. Use a blow dryer or wrap a warm, damp towel around your hair to help your strands fully absorb the oil.