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  • Garnier Fructis

    Triple Nutrition
    Nutrient Spray

    Dual Action Spray with liquid shine combined with weightless nutritive oils

      The unique formula combines liquid shine with an extra dose of nutrition. How to use: Shake well to activate. Hold bottle 6-8 inches from hair and spray onto damp or dry hair as needed.
      Do not rinse. Use anytime, anywhere for silky, radiant hair.

      Restores hair's strength, smoothness and shine in just one week.
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    Garnier - Fructis - Triple Nutrition - Nutrient Spray 4.5 5 28 28
    BEST PRODUCT EVER All I do is step out of the shower, comb my hair once, turn my head upside down and thoroughly spray, lightly scrunch, flip my hair up, part it, thoroughly spray, lightly scrunch and I am done for TWO days! Perfect curls without oily or crunchy feel. BEST PRODUCT EVER. The only thing I need my hair dryer for is my bangs. REVOLUTIONARY!!! PLEASE never discontinue this product!!! Super hard to find locally (MN). Just ordered 24 bottles online. February 21, 2014
    **DO NOT DISCONTINUE** I have been hearing from all the stores that the Triple Nutrition Spray will be discontinued I am having a panic attack. I love this product so much and can not live without it! Please HELP. February 17, 2014
    Love, Love, Love it I have sisterlocks. I first used this 3 1/2 years ago after first getting my hair colored. It worked immediately to give my hair shine and moisture. I have been hooked ever since. I love when it goes on sale. I buy a bottle for every bag so I am never without it. January 31, 2014
    Never leave home without it!!!! My hair is of a very fine texture and at any given moment it can take on a life of it's own. One minute I look fine and the next it looks like I just stuck my finger in a light socket. Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray is the only thing I have ever found to control and calm my fly-away locks. I actually buy two bottles at a time so I will never run out. PLEASE, please please don't stop making this product! January 9, 2014
    Wish this was available in the UK! Found this while on holiday in FL. Its light formula means that my dry, over-processed hair feels silky without the heavy feeling you get with hair oils. I have straightened my hair for years and it was very dry, frizzy and unmanageable. This product has worked wonders in only a few days. I'm now back home in the UK and I can't seem to find it for sale over here. The next time I'm in the US I'm going to have to stock up! It's that good :-) January 2, 2014
    LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! I have fine hair, once thick, now much thinner. Gave up trying for faux volume & decided to just take care of it. Tried this on a whim & was blown away. I put it on my dry hair at night & by morning it is absorbed & my hair is soft & shiny. I spritz a bit on my damp hair before styling & my hair is soft, bouncy, smooth & shiny. I can't believe how well it works. Much better than 'It's A 10!' Plus much cheaper. Tried the Garnier Fructis Miracle Dry oil & it was awful. Greasy, heavy, badly absorbed. Sticking with this! October 28, 2013
    Amazing!! I use this after I wash my hair (every other day) with the Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment, and it has completely rejuvenated my hair! It's no longer dry and lifeless. After 2 years of dying my hair blonde, I went back to my natural, and it left me with tons of damage. My hair is finally starting to grow, and have a lot less damage! & it's all thanks to these two products! September 29, 2013
    Love It! I love this stuff! Perfect for all hair types. I have very thin hair by nature and it gets oily but my ends are dry. This gets rid of the dryness and knots, yet it doesn't cause my hair to be extra oily. Just use it sparingly. A little does go along way! May 20, 2013
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