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    Blow Dry Perfector™ Straightening Balm

    Style with heat for the perfectly sleek.

      Is it right for me?
      This powerful straightening balm with argan oil from Morocco makes it easier to blow dry your hair, while creating a weightless, humidity-resistant barrier to frizz for lasting smoothness and shine for up to 3 days.

      How do I use it?
      DIRECTIONS: Squeeze a small amount of balm into hand. Rub hands together, work through damp hair and blow dry. For best results, use the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine System of shampoos and conditioners.

      If you have questions or comments about this product or are unsatisfied with the results achieved by use of this product, please click here.

      3 day frizz resistance and faster, easier blow dries
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    Garnier - Fructis Style - Sleek & Shine - Blow Dry Perfector™ Straightening Balm 4.9 5 18 18
    Amazing product! I have very fine, limp hair and have been in search of the perfect product for YEARS that will help my fine hair look full and frizz and static free. I was completely skeptical when I purchased this product because I tend to try products that are a lot more expensive (perhaps thinking the more expensive the product the better the product should be). This product has seriously been life changing for me! Like another reviewer said, "My hair LOVES LOVES this product!"! I too was never quite able to get my hair to blow dry to the right style until I tried this product. This product surprisingly does not weigh down my fine hair and has cut my dry time in half. I now use this in combination with the Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist and my hair holds its shape all day long and does not look as dry and damaged (I blow dry and straight iron every day). My hair is fairly straight but has some weird kinks – especially in the back; the combination the Flat Iron Perfector and Blow Dry Straightening Balm completely eliminates the kinks! I seriously have received compliments every day since using this product – people have noticed a difference in my hair. I am so thrilled to finally have found a product that actually works and is so incredibly affordable! November 21, 2013
    My hair now gets complimented daily My hair LOVES LOVES this product!! I was never quite able to get my hair to blow dry the right style until I tried this product. My hair has some curl in it and it lies just right with this product. I told my stylist that I have tried never found anything that worked like this for my hair....EVER! Now, everyone goes, what have you done to your hair? It looks great! November 12, 2013
    Great Product I tried this product because I was tired of spending 45+ minutes trying to blow dry my hair, instead I only spent around 15 minutes and it got my naturally curly, thick hair pretty straight for a blow dry. July 28, 2013
    Perfectly Smooth and frizz free for the toughest hair I have always liked Garnier's styling products and I needed something different for frizz hair since I have recently been moved to Louisiana for military reasons. I have naturally curly and frizzy and long hair it's ridiculous to maintain and manage. Most of the time my natural curl is how I wear my hair but with the humidity it gets too wild. I love my hair straightened every once in a while. The first time I used this product I was skeptical of the 3 day no frizz and shine guarantee. It worked wonders!!!! I used a round brush and split my hair into sections, I used just a little bit and focused on the ends especially. Within 15 minutes of blow drying my hair, my frizz was gone and there wasn't a poof in my hair that I'm normally used to straightening out with a straightener. And it lasts without looking greasy for at least the full three days! I even went to work in a restaurant and my hair still didn't frizz or look greasy! Definitely a product worth buying and using for sure!!!! July 21, 2013
    The smell is Amazing!! I used this product this morning and the smell is amazing, but not over powering. I put a little product into my hand and rubbed my hands together then rubbed the product through my hair especially on the ends. I then blow dryed my hair and my hair was smooth and silky. I love this stuff!! June 2, 2013
    Hair is straight! I like this product a lot. I recommed you using this product the day you are going to style your hair. If you use this before bed and blow dry and then go to sleep, you will wake up with a tad bit of frizzy hair. Trust me, I'm a Garnier doctor. I now have 9+ Garnier products...! May 18, 2013
    Awesome! This product works! I have curly/frizzy/thick hair and I love wearing my hair straight. Before using this product I was like most women buying every other hair product known to man to make my hair straight and frizz free. One day I stumble upon this product and decided to give it a try. After using it, my hair got super straight and frizz free! This product works! I will continue to buy this product :D May 11, 2013
    Multiple uses. Love! I absolutely love this product. It works great for its intended use - creating beautiful smooth hair after blow drying, but most of the time I actually use it in a completely different way. I try to do as little as possible in the morning before work including styling my hair, so I use this product to help me accomplish that. I shower the night before, apply the Blow Dry Perfector to my damp hair, and go to bed with my hair still damp. I wake to find smooth, natural, full waves instead of the flat frizzy mess I would normally wake up to without this product. I have naturally wavy hair by the way. Besides making my life easy in the morning, this product is saving my hair. Now that I can control my hair's natural wave, I don't feel the need to straighten it to make it look good! I have seen notably less damage to my hair because of it. Side note: I love this product but recently I can't find it in stores anymore!! :( April 16, 2013
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