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Back to school tips for busy moms

Many busy moms dread preparing for another school year, but read on below for smart ways to ensure both you and your children's success. Start by adjusting their sleep schedules and then move on to help them break bad habits that can derail their diet, appearance or study habits.

Schedule Adjustments

When summer arrives, many parents allow their kids to stay up later. A week or two before the school year begins is the right time to acclimate your children to a new schedule. Insist that they go to sleep 15 minutes earlier each night. Do this for a few nights, and then add another 15 minutes. Start getting them up earlier too. You can expect them to be a bit cranky for about 20 minutes after they awaken, but this can help give their bodies the adequate amount of time to adjust.

Breaking Bad Habits

Students often slump at their desks, but this makes them look and feel sad, according to NBC News. Just like your mom probably told you “sit up straight” it’s a good idea to remind them to sit up straight when they are at the dinner table or just sitting at home. Another habit associated with slumping is resting their chins in their hands while at school. The bacteria from items they touch during the day transfers to their face, and this can cause breakouts (or skin irritation?).

Healthy Foods

Some schools allow students to purchase products from vending machines. Those who eat cafeteria food may be tempted to make poor food choices. Choose healthy foods for your children, that they enjoy, such as fruit, raw veggies, and a nutritional sandwich like chicken salad on whole wheat.

Stocking Up

Get most of your kids’ necessary supplies at the back-to-school sales in August. This prevents you from rushing out to get an item for a project that they told you about at the last minute. Check your kids' school agendas for project deadlines. Purchase unexpected supplies as soon as possible to prevent panic and keep stress levels down.

Do a Test Run

Do a test run from your home to ensure that you allow enough time to get to your kids to school on time. Even if they have previously attended the school, traffic patterns may change due to construction or events. Starting beneficial habits at school can also help them succeed throughout their entire life.