As a result of the recent earthquake in Mexico, and severe hurricanes impacting the U.S. and Caribbean countries and territories, including Puerto Rico, the most vulnerable children have been forced into even more danger. Their homes have been destroyed and their schools have been disrupted. UNICEF and UNICEF USA are responding to these catastrophic disasters. UNICEF puts children first in emergencies, committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable kids in the world. In response to a disaster, UNICEF works to ensure that affected children and families can get clean water, that there are safe spaces for children, that education and health services can continue, and that basic humanitarian supplies are distributed.

As one of UNICEF’s supporters, Garnier’s three-year ‘Commit to Care’ initiative will help take care of children and families affected by emergencies, such as those recently struck by hurricanes, and the earthquakes in Mexico.

UNICEF USA is also helping the most vulnerable children affected by Hurricane Harvey, with an emphasis on helping children get back to school, so they can continue learning and to help restore a sense of normalcy..

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