Turn Dry Skin Into Healthy-Looking Skin Every Day

Turn Dry Skin Into Healthy-Looking Skin Every Day

Dry skin is uncomfortable skin — it feels tight, looks flaky and can get itchy. Now especially during the winter months skin dryness reaches a peak and you’ll have to take extra measures to ensure that it stays hydrated and retains moisture. Lucky for you there are some pretty easy steps to get glowing-looking skin that is not dry. Follow the guide below for supple and healthy-looking skin every day.

1. Say No To Hot Water

Lukewarm water is your friend especially if your skin has a tendency to become dry. Hot water strips skin of its natural oil barrier which is essential in retaining moisture on your skin. Also important: Keep your water exposure to a minimum, no holding your face under the shower head for too long, the duration can also exacerbate dryness.

2. Avoid Alcohol And Fragrance In Your Cleansing Routine

Alcohol in the form of toners, astringents and peels is your sworn enemy in the fight against skin dryness and healthy-looking skin. Make sure that none of your cleansers are formulated with alcohol in them. Fragrance can also have a drying effect and can cause skin irritation. Try to go with gentle, fragrance-free cleansers that are formulated with fatty molecules like ceramides, which will restore moisture to your skin.

3. Keep It Cool At Home

This one is tough because when it’s cold outside you want your home to feel cozy and warm. However the dry heat can really mess with your skin’s moisture levels. Layer clothing and bundle up at night rather than cranking the heat. And if you can, try to invest in a humidifier — your skin will thank you!

4. Exfoliate

This one might seem counterintuitive, your skin is kind of flaky so why scrub more skin off right? The problem is that the more dead skin cells you accumulate on skin’s surface the less likely the benefits from your other skin care products can work on your skin i.e. moisturizers and hydration. Gently slough off dead skin cells from skin’s surface with a soft towel or non-abrasive liquid scrub.

5. Moisturize The Right Way

After exfoliating your dead skin cells away you can receive the full benefits of your moisturizer. Look for products formulated with glycerin and ceramides to help replenish your parched skin. After you wash your face make sure to moisturize as soon as possible so that the water evaporating off your face doesn’t draw more moisture out.

With these five quick changes your skin will go from dry and chapped to gorgeous and glowing-looking skin.

Now let’s move on to the perfect dry skin care routine. Since your skin is often flaky and tight you should stay away from products with alcohol and fragrance as this will just make your skin worse.

1. Cleanser

In the morning use a gentle, non-lather cleanser — anything that you can rinse may be too harsh for your skin and will rob it of necessary moisture. We recommend a cleansing lotion or milk particularly in the AM when you’re just removing dirt and sweat from the night. In the evening you can use the same product or if you’re wearing a lot of make up use a cleanser specially formulated for dry skin. You can use a rinseable product in the PM because you will be applying a generous amount of moisturizer at night.

2. Serum Or Face Oil

Now that your skin is clean you can start replenishing it with hydration and moisture. You may want to layer emollient products here, so we recommend that from time to time you apply a face oil or serum. These products give your skin the hydration it craves.

3. Seal With A Moisturizer

As we mentioned earlier, moisturizer is crucial for your skin. Resist the urge to slather on the thickest product you can find, as that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s giving your skin the most hydration. Go with something hydrating and moisturizing specially formulated for dry skin. Apply this after cleansing or layer after a serum or face oil for maximum skin benefits.

4. Exfoliate

Your skin is dry and has a tendency towards flakiness so it’s important to exfoliate so that dead skin cells aren’t clogging your pores and keeping hydration from doing its job on your skin’s surface. Use a gentle, non-grainy exfoliator ideally formulated with fruit acids to reveal a new layer of healthy-looking skin.