SPF Bible: How To Help Prevent Dark Spots From The Sun

SPF Bible: How To Help Prevent Dark Spots From The Sun

A vacation or a day spent in the sun shouldn’t result in permanent sun damage on your skin, but often it does. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to excess melanin production which can result in brown spots forming on your face, hands, and neck. Find out how you can help protect your skin in our SPF bible to maintain beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

1. SPF Always

You should never go a single day without wearing SPF. Why? Ninety percent of premature skin aging and damage comes from the sun. Also the three types of dark spots formed on your skin — ephelides, lentigines and melsma are caused by the sun. Ephelides are what we commonly refer to as freckles, lentigines are long smooth brown spots and melasma are hyperpigmented spots. Prevent any of these from appearing by always protecting your skin daily. You should be wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 15 if not higher every single day, rain or shine. Find out which SPF is best for you in our previous SPF guide here.

2. Hat And Sunglasses

Sometimes SPF isn’t enough and the best way to truly prevent the sun from damaging your skin is to block it out. An easy way to do that is by wearing a thick-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Just make sure your sunglasses have UV protection as sunglasses without it actually attract the sun rather than block it.

3. Exfoliate And Use Brightening Serums

So what happens if you already have brown spots? Fear not as they can fade away over time; you just need patience. Exfoliate once a week to reveal new surface skin, then apply a serum formulated with antioxidants to improve skin’s appearance. We especially like products with formulas containing Vitamin C.

4. Eat Antioxidants

We just raved about the positive benefits antioxidants can have in your skin care products, but it’s also super important that you incorporate them into your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Leafy greens, citrus fruits, berries and foods with high Omega-3 content should be your favorite kinds of food. Citrus fruits and other fruits high in Vitamin C are usually super refreshing especially in the warm summer months.

Apply all these different tips into your life and you can help protect your skin and avoid dark spots from making an appearance on your skin.