Which Antioxidant Moisturizers Are Right For Your Skin Type

Which Antioxidant Moisturizers Are Right For Your Skin Type

Moisturizers formulated with antioxidants perform helpful and necessary functions on your skin. First the antioxidants can help hydrate and nourish your skin and balance its moisture barrier. Second, they protect your skin from free radicals and environmental factors that can damage your skin. Every single skin type can benefit from antioxidant formulated moisturizers; the important thing is to find the one that’s right for your skin type. Today we’re outlining which moisturizer suits dry, oily and sensitive skin, as well as one moisturizer that is suitable for every skin type.

All Skin Types

1. Moisturizer With SPF

No matter what your skin type you should incorporate a broad spectrum SPF formulated moisturizer to protect skin for the sun’s harmful UV rays. Every morning apply an SPF formulated moisturizer to your face and neck to help protect your skin. Garnier SkinActive’s Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Moisturizer SPF15 formula has both SPF and is infused with antioxidant Vitamins C and E. Its light, non-comedogenic formula goes on smoothly and is compatible for all skin types and will keep your skin hydrated and protected.

All Skin Types

2. Gel Cream

Look for a refreshing, light yet still hydrating gel cream formula if your skin is on the oilier side. “Most gel moisturizer formulas include hyaluronic acid, a higher water content and glycerin,” says Garnier consulting dermatologist Dr. Diane Madfes. “These are well suited for people with oily skin.” As for antioxidants, look out for products formulated with Vitamin C to clarify and brighten the appearance of your skin with continued use over time.

Sensitive Skin

3. Fragrance-Free Moisturizer

If you have sensitive skin try to avoid moisturizers formulated with alcohol or fragrance. Look for a gentle product that won’t irritate your skin-a good rule of thumb is to do a patch test on your forearm before you use the product on your face. Garnier SkinActive’s Moisture Rescue Actively Hydrating Daily Lotion Fragrance Free SPF 15 is moisturizing and has a non-comedogenic formula. It’s also alcohol and fragrance-free, and infused with glycerin and fruit extracts to help keep skin actively hydrated throughout the day. It also helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier to protect against moisture loss.

Dry Skin

4. Sleeping Cream

Supply your dry skin with extra hydration overnight by using a sleeping cream also known as an overnight mask. Garnier SkinActive’s Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream formula is infused with antioxidant lavender essential oil, hyaluronic and hydroxy acids. It renews, firms and even reduces the appearance of wrinkles.