Easy Wedding Hair Styles that Look a Lot More Difficult Than They Are

Easy Wedding Hair Styles that Look a Lot More Difficult Than They Are

Sometimes a wedding boom hits and it feels like just about every bachelor or bachelorette is running for the altar. Wedding season can be tiring, but planning your hairstyles doesn't have to be. Try out these three understated yet elegant styles to achieve a pretty and polished look without outshining the bride.

Braided Bun

This updo is very simple to achieve, yet looks like it took far more effort! Start at one temple and French braid your hair in a diagonal line across the back of your head. Finish the braid and tie it off with an elastic. Now, roll the braid up and in, forming a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun just under your ear, then loosen and style it with your fingers.

Knotted Bun

The knotted bun is great if you're running short on time. It works best with longer hair. Start by spraying your hair with Garnier Fructis Texture Tease to add texture. Separate your hair into two pieces, and then tie them in a knot at the nape of your neck. Take the ends, twist them and pin them in a halo around the knot you've created. You can use your fingers to plump up the end result and tease up your crown by adding a big more Texture Tease. Voila! This pretty look couldn't be easier.

Waterfall Braid

Want to leave your hair down, but still keep it out of your face? The elegant waterfall braid looks great on both straight and curly hair, and your hair doesn't even need to be long. Start a regular French braid near your temple and continue this until you're even with your ear. This is where the waterfall part comes in. Take a lock from above the braid and add it to the uppermost of the three strands you're braiding. Cross it down so it becomes the middle strand, and then bring up the bottom strand so that the piece you added hair to is now on the bottom. Let this drop (this creates the waterfall effect). Now, you'll take a new strand from beneath the braid to replace it. Continue the braid all the way around your head, consistently adding hair to the top piece, braiding it in and letting it drop, and replacing it with a new lock from below the line of the braid. Be sure to angle the braid diagonally as you go. Use bobby pins to secure it when you reach the end of your scalp.