French Twist Pony

French Twist Pony

Need some hairstyle inspiration? Check out celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett’s French Twist Pony. Here’s how to get this playful look.



Start with a sweep

Sweep one side of your hair towards the back of your head. Just before you reach the center, insert a bobby pin flat against your head vertically to hold the hair down.


Create a twist

Using both hands, bring the hair from the other side over to meet the first bobby pin. As you smooth it over, be careful not to condense your hair into a bun. Try to maintain the length of the section as you mold it into a French twist.


Keep twisting

Keep smoothing the section over as you roll it in towards the center. Start at the top and work your way down towards the nape of your neck.


Pin it up

Use one hand to hold the hair in place as you insert bobby pins up the length of your twist. Start from the bottom to ensure that you catch all of the shorter pieces.


Secure it

Keep adding bobby pins until your French Twist Pony feels secure.

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