Triple Buns with Gena M

Triple Buns with Gena M

Who says you can’t rock a different hairstyle every day of the week? Gena M shows you how to create a fun and easy hairstyle each day, like these Triple Buns. Here’s how to get the look.



Start with defined curls

Enhance your curls by applying Curl Sculpt to damp hair, then diffuse it until your curls are dry.

Curl Sculpting Cream Gel

Curl Sculpting Cream Gel


Tame frizz

Apply a small amount of Curl Construct Mousse to add hold and reduce frizz.

Curl Construct Mousse

Curl Construct Mousse


Section hair

Divide your hair into 3 sections and secure each section with an elastic at the base of your neck.


Create the twists

Twist each section of your hair around the elastic and secure the ends with bobby pins. Loosen each bun for a more undone look.

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