How to Style Your Braid Like a Blogger

How to Style Your Braid Like a Blogger

Who doesn't drool over those charming oh-so-boho braids you see on all the beauty blogs? Yet, even practiced plaiters can have difficulty mastering that casual, carefree look of artful disarray. To step your braid game up a notch, make use of these pro tips for plaiting.

Step Away From That Shower

When braiding, grip is key. Clean hair is too slippery to stay put in a braid, especially when you're trying to achieve that don't-care messy look. Skip the shower and take advantage of hair’s natural oils that lends crucial texture to your hair and enables your carefully constructed braid to stay put! If your hair requires daily washing, no problem – just use our Volume Extend Instant Bodified Dry Shampoo.

Before You Begin

Sometimes a braid requires even more texture. If your hair is looking thin or flat, add some oomph with a healthy spritz of Garnier De-Constructed Texture Tease, which instantly adds volume + grip so those whimsical wisps don't slip out of place. If your hair is on the straighter side, get in there with the curling iron for a few minutes to give your hair a little more texture. Wavy or curly hair tends to hold braids better!

Styling Tips

Whichever bohemian blogger braid you're attempting to replicate, mastery is all in the details. To give your braid a bountiful appearance, braid as tightly as possible at first, then use your fingers to loosen it up. The more twists and turns you can work in initially, the bigger and more abundant it will seem. A dash of hairspray and a few strategically placed bobby pins will hold things in place. A pomade such as Garnier Pure Clean Finishing Paste is handy for smoothing away pesky baby wisps: just put some product on your fingers and prod those stray strands into place. Don't be afraid to get creative: weaving in fabric or ribbon, or even jewelry, can help give the finished product just the sort of boho-chic aura you're going for.