How to Show off Your Layers

How to Show off Your Layers

Layering gives hair so many advantages — layers frame your best features, create structure, are an instant volume-booster, and add visual interest to any style. Although they can be very low-maintenance (another plus!), layers look and feel best with a few simple styling tricks.

Product Lineup

Styling products can enhance the natural volume and bounce that layers provide. A thickening, hydrating mousse or lotion can make layers look fuller and keep any flyaways under control. If your layers are short, texturizing paste is a must. Scoop out a dime-sized amount, spread it evenly over your fingertips and then apply it to the roots of hair, distributing outward as you go.

Style Tips

Enhance the natural silkiness of well-hydrated layers by brushing them gently with a paddle brush as you blow dry hair. To really show off the shape and structure of your cut, work your styling paste into the ends of your layers. Twirl gently to apply, which can help prevent split ends and diminished volume.

Got wavy hair? Back-combing hair near the crown of your head can rejuvenate your look, especially when paired with a loose, half-up style that emphasizes those face-framing layers.

Maintenance and Care

Medium to thick hair can feel heavy and weighted down with air drying (and take what seems like forever to dry), so blow drying is key if you're in a hurry. However, it's easy to damage the fragile ends of your layers, so always, always use a heat protector to keep hair safe and healthy.

Shiny, hydrated layers are a sign of great hair health. When you hit the shower, use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Still struggling with dryness? Apply an oil treatment, which can further condition and soften dry or damaged layers. And remember — washing your hair every single day isn't a must. If you've got a lot going on and your layers tend to get greasy and lifeless more than you'd like, refresh with dry shampoo when you're short on time. In addition to renewing shine and bumping up volume, it absorbs oil.