Why To Use Hair Oil

Why To Use Hair Oil

Beyond shampooing and conditioning, most of us have tried hair masks and hair sprays but what about hair oils? Although it sounds like something you might get but never use, you’ll be surprised at some of the reasons people swear by them and why you may want to give hair oil a try too.

What is it anyway?

The generic term hair oil may sound too close to “greasy hair” for comfort, but really these products create nothing of the sort. All are composed of natural oils from a range of different nuts, flowers, plants and more.

Why use them?

Hair oils offer so much more than simply adding moisture to hair. While many consider them still to be only a conditioning treatment, the truth is they can do the job of most hair products out there, all in one.

Hair oil has anti-frizz properties, making it great for those afflicted with frizzy hair. Some offer UV protection, meaning they are especially useful for those with colored hair that's prone to fading.

Hair oils are especially great for curly hair, as they not only provide nourishment and flexibility to your dry curls, but are also a great hair styling product. Adding oil before you use curlers or straighteners not only helps with styling but also protects your hair against heat damage.

If you are concerned about adding oil to already greasy hair, there are light options out there, which glide on like water and offer a lovely, sleek effect.

In the end, if you are already a fan of hair serums, heat styling hairspray, conditioning masks, and other hair styling products, then you should really give hair oil a try.

Still not convinced? Check out the Fructis Marvelous Oils Hair collection for ideas on what products are out there.