5 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Shiny and Healthy

5 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Shiny and Healthy

Glossy hair just radiates confidence. Those blessed with it don’t have a personal stylist, but they do know a few styling secrets. Fortunately for you, we know them too and we're about to share 5 of the best ones with you:

1. Don’t wash your hair too much

Washing your hair too often can strip away hair’s natural oils and leave it looking dry and dehydrated. Most people only need to wash their hair once or twice a week and if you have curly, wavy or coily tresses you should wash your hair once a week.

2. Take a supplement

Supplements specially formulated for skin or hair can help hair grow thicker and stronger and promote natural shine.

3. Use shampoos and conditioners that contain Argan oil

Argan oil has become more popular with stylists and shiny hair fanatics over the past few years. It’s rich in Vitamin E, which is excellent for repairing damaged hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner containing Argan oil like Fructis Sleek & Shine will improve your hair’s condition and shine.

4. Get your dead ends cut regularly

Getting your tresses trimmed every 6-8 weeks will get rid of any split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

5. Use a deep conditioner/ hair mask once a week

Using a deep conditioner once a week will hydrate your hair and give it a shiny boost.