Balancing Life: Tips From a Working Mom

Balancing Life: Tips From a Working Mom

From modeling, to acting, to being a mother and a wife, I’ve worn—and continue to wear—many hats in my life. I’m sure you do too. One thing that’s very important to me while pursuing a busy career and family life is establishing balance. You don’t want to burn out from a crazy schedule. Looking good starts with feeling good, healthy and happy. Here’s what I do to maintain my harmony:

1. Keep A (Mostly) Healthy Diet

My food mantra is simple: “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” I try my best to consume healthy, fresh and nutritious food. I am a big fan of fruits and vegetables, and when I am away from home I prepare individually-sized snack packs to take with me. It’s easy to eat healthy when you’re prepared! My go-tos are citrus fruits, avocados, berries, red peppers and cucumbers because they’re delicious and filled with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to keep my energy up throughout the day.

For an extra kick to my diet, there are some great innovative drinks out there to try. One of my favorites combines goodies like lemon, water, and activated charcoal. It claims to stimulate digestion, support weight loss, balance your body's pH levels, and absorb toxins in order to flush them from the body.

2. Pamper My Skin with Antioxidants

Speaking of antioxidants, they’re essential to my skin care routine. I really believe they are a key to healthy looking, glowing skin. I try to use products that fall into The Fantastic Five including retinol (a form of Vitamin A) and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are great because they help protect your skin from free radicals. If you want to enhance your skin care routine I recommend incorporating skin protecting antioxidants into your skin care regimen.

3. Moisturize Overnight

Sometimes, even the best skin care and diet can’t prevent you from looking and feeling tired. In those instances, I have a secret weapon that helps me look awake and fresh even when I feel the total opposite: Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream. It’s great because it is extremely hydrating and helps my skin recharge while I’m sleeping. I put it on just before bed, and when I wake up, my skin looks and feels rested, refreshed and firmer. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles over time which is a nice added treat.

4. Make Time to Exercise

You know my saying, “when I am working out, my fat cells are crying.” Be gone fat cells! I try to make time to work out even when I am super busy. When I have time, I love to do yoga, Tracy Anderson workouts, or hike. However, when I have a laundry list of things to do, fitting in an hour at the gym can seem impossible. At times when I just can’t make it to a class workout, I try to get my exercise in wherever I can—even if it’s simple moves at home. Practicing good posture when I’m sitting all day burns a lot of calories. I also try to do lunges, leg lifts, and hip raises while completing tasks throughout the day. You’d be surprised at how many ways you can incorporate exercise into a busy schedule.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies need water to survive. I used to be bad about not drinking enough, but now (after countless nutritionist’s visits) I’ve seen the light and become a huge water aficionado. Everyone’s different and you should talk to your doctor about what’ right for you, but I make sure to drink 72 ounces of water a day for my body to function at its best. I prefer to drink my water out of a glass water bottle and to use a straw, which helps me drink more water. Since water is a very basic drink, I switch it up to keep things interesting. You can find me rotating between sparkling and still water, and really make water a delicious treat to drink, I add fruit. I like to add fruits and herbs such as mint, mango and raspberries to up the flavor profile.