3.16 - Darkest Violet


Our 1st oil powered permanent haircolor for maximum color performance.

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this stuff did a really bad job I've been using hair colour on and off for the last 10 years I saw this and thought it might work better because it claimed it covered grey and would give a good colour. It did not cover the roots and was hit and miss all over my head and I've been doing this, so I know how to use hair colour. I followed the directions - it was hit and miss on the root and other areas of the head and what did get covered looks odd. I've used other products and had my hair done at a salon. I've never seen anything like this. There are no words to describe this -- I don't even want to leave the house it looks so bad. I do not want to try to fix with another brand because it's not good for the hair. Is there any way to fix this ? It did NOT cover the roots , I made sure the roots were done first like I always do and have never had a problem with other products I've used in the past. April 16, 2014
Love It ! I'm having a Very hard time hanging on to the bottle , I have arthritis and today I got Very up set because of the bottle shape , and I dropped it = ( and A lot came out , please help ! this April 11, 2014
This product was aweful This is the first time I tried this hair color product. I had a bad experience, my hair has patches of red on the top of my hair and very little any where else. Also I noticed after I colored my hair I was having a allergic reaction to the product, my face and ears start getting all hot and red, and my scalp was getting hot. I bought the product because it says it has natural ingredients and no ammonia, well whatever is in the product did not agree with me. I will not buy this product again. April 10, 2014
Great concept, but poor results. I've tried both Light Natural Auburn and Medium Golden Blonde shades... I've dyed my hair previously, always with temporary hair dyes because I don't want anything with ammonia. When Olia came out, since the temporary dyes never fully washed out of my hair, I decided to try the Medium Golden Blonde to get back to my natural hair color... the results couldn't have been worse. Instead of my hair being golden blonde, it was bright yellow for 3 inches from the roots and still dark auburn on the body of my hair! It was so bad, I tried the Light Natural Auburn to try to make it a little more uniform. While the coverage and coloring was better with the light natural auburn, it wasn't as auburn as the product's box depicted and it faded within a month. I haven't dyed my hair for nearly 5 months and the part that was dyed with the light natural auburn has faded so much that you can barely see any color difference between it and my roots (more so than any of the temporary, 28 shampoo hair dyes). If it didn't fade so much, I would have done root touchups, but there's really no need to now... While the smell and concept sounds great, the color isn't accurate, doesn't cover evenly, and the color practically washes out. March 31, 2014
Love the color, terrible packaging I absolutely love the color that is achieved with this, and my hair feels silky smooth after using. The light natural auburn went on my naturally dark auburn hair a little lighter and more copper-colored than I was expecting, but did a decent job of coloring the greys I have. Now on to the packaging, which is terrible. When I opened the developer (without squeezing) it spat out about a tablespoon's worth onto my counter. I had a difficult time squeezing the color into the bottle, and mixing it in the oddly shaped bottle was near impossible. I have very small hands and I was unable to grip the bottle to shake it while simultaneously covering the hole. I am not sure the color went on my hair evenly as I am still unsure that it was fully mixed when I applied it. I would use this again, but only after purchasing either a normal applicator bottle or a bowl and brush from beauty supply. March 29, 2014
This is the perfect permanent haircolor This is the first color that stays in my hair after a permanent and after shampooing. It covers the grey and leaves my hair soft. This is the perfect hair color. I use Olia 6.6 Intense Auburn and I get compliments all the time. The only thing I do not like is the shape of the applicator bottle, it slips out of my hands. I will recommend this product to all my friends. March 27, 2014
Love it! I used Olia Light Intense Auburn (6.6) for the first time. I had let my hair go natural for some time (brown) and decided I wanted a change. I have had nothing but rave reviews since using the color. The red is just the perfect shade and has held on nicely so far. My hair has actually calmed down a bit as well. The ends were frizzy and now I don't see the poof. I would definitely use this again! March 26, 2014
Excellent Product! Packaging not so great ... Pros - I love the new oil powered/no ammonia product. The smell is tolerable and it doesn't burn my scalp like ammonia based hair color. I have found the product to provide excellent grey coverage, remain true to color with little to no fading over time and be long lasting. Tips- For consistent coverage overall and the best grey coverage, I highly recommend going to a beauty supply and purchasing a color applicator brush and bowl. Both are reusable and you will be much happier with the coverage when you brush it on regardless of product used. The Olia color for brown shades tends to come out a shade or two darker than the color on the box. Apply to clean, dry hair- freshly shampooed (no conditioner). Don't panic when rinsing out color- hair kinda feels like straw covered in motor-oil. It's silky after conditioning. Cons- Gloves fit me, but if someone has larger hands, I can see this to be an issue. Squeezing developer out of the tube is a pain- difficult to get all of it out. More environmental friendly and easier to use if the developer was in the applicator bottle instead of a separate tube. The bulb-shaped applicator bottle is not user friendly- difficult to hold. Barely enough product to cover hair that is past shoulder length and that is when using an applicator brush instead of the bottle. If I were to use the applicator bottle, one package would not cover the length of my hair, which is about two inches longer than top of shoulders. March 26, 2014
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