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    From Unruly to Defined or Loose... Curls, Choose your Weapon.

      . Defines and boosts curls
      . Controls frizz and flyaways

      Hold Level: Extra Strong

      How to use: Shake well. Hold can upside down and dispense into palm. Apply evenly to damp hair. Scrunch hair and then air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.

      Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Mousse with fruit micro-waxes defines and boosts curls while controlling frizz and flyaways.
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    Garnier - Fructis Style - Curl - Construct Mousse 4.4 5 21 21
    Springing curls I love this product. It is the only one I will use. I have super long natural curly hair & it holds my curls all day. Everyone tells me how pretty my hair is. July 2, 2013
    1st time using AMAZING I'm Black American Natural 3b/3c hair and used this product w/ sleek & shine anti frizz serum my hair had no frizz all day and I'm in Central FL w/ humid summer heat it was raining on and off all day and NO FRIZZ!!! AMAZING so I went to walmart to purchase the Curl Calm Down Anti Frizz Cream and the Curl Sculpting Cream Gel. I don't use the shampoo b/c it does have sulfates and sodium chloride in it and I don't like that for my hair. But these products are awesome!!! Will use and recommend you use!!! June 17, 2013
    smells great, works fantastically At 1st I didn't like this mousse because it made my hair crunchy (it was my fault, I wasn't used to my now 9 inches shorter hair and added too much). Now, I LOVE it. its so easy, just apply, scrunch, and go. It makes your hair soft and easy to deal with. It constricted my frizz and my curls have never looked better December 31, 2012
    Gives my thick, frizzy, wavy hair a nice boost Ever since I started using this product, my natural waves and curls have been under control. My hair is awkward when it curls - I have tighter curls underneath my bottom layers and then I have loose waves on my top layers. I used to straighten my hair everyday and when I noticed that my natural hair didn't have the same style or texture that I wanted because of the damage, I switched up my routine. Every morning after I get out of the shower I put in the sleek and shine leave in conditioning cream and then I apply the curl construct mousse. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS STUFF. It gives me the soft texture and bounce I'm looking for...it gives me back my natural waves that I once had. And on top of that, the smell is absolutely amazing! I would reccomend this to anyone with curly or wavy hair. It really does work :) November 3, 2012
    Best ever. I have tried all kinds of brands: expensive, drugstore, everything. This is the only mousse that works for my long, thin curly hair. Mousse + some light gel = perfect curls! October 25, 2012
    Use it everyday! Curl - Construct Mouse is great! I use it along with the Stong Hold Gel to make my wavy hair curly and bouncy. They really complement one another and the mousse tames the frizz when scrunch drying my hair with a difuser. October 11, 2012
    OUTSTANDING! The Perfect Garnier Combo Recipe to Follow I regularly use Garnier Curl Calm Down Anti Frizz Cream when I want to let my hair air dry....and it works great. Last night I was at the store and decided to pick up the Garnier Curl Construct Mousse because I like to use mousse when I blow dry my hair with a diffuser - This morning, I actually read the back of the anti-frizz cream bottle and it said for best results to add mousse TOO! SOOOO, I put in a quarter-size drop of the anti-frizz cream, then a handful of the curl construct mousse, and the results ARE MORE THAN AMAZING. I have never, ever, ever, loved my curls more! I have been complimented at work all morning! Please try this combo - you will NOT be disappointed! Simply wonderful October 2, 2012
    LOVE this mousse! First time trying Garnier, I have thick, coarse, curly hair and had just had color put on my hair it so I tried the Color Sheild Shampoo for the first time and love it. I also bought this mousse and used it for the first time. I've used it twice now and I love this mousse! It's not sticky but it makes my natural curls defined and not frizzy. I would recommend this to people with curly hair. I'm glad I found these Garnier products. June 16, 2012
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